Missing Star gems

I've taken the liberty to buy star gems to try to reproduce this issue and can't reproduce it.

As I actually want the CF file it's kind of annoying but I've been trying to record the issue happening using plenty of theories and stuff here and none of them have worked.

@Theuberclips Thankyou for doing that, though I wouldn't give them money when it's on them.

Just happened to me. Tried to accept a new sheet without discarding my old ones and suddenly i had a new slot. No warning or confirmation, it just forcibly pushed the transaction.

Add me to the list of people who lost SG. Just got a response to my support ticket of "we cant refund purchases".

me too im really sad i lost so much i earned in a month , and i lost tons of it

Welp...logged in today and noticed over 1000 star gems of mine disappeared off the face of the earth. I am submitting a ticket but sounds like Sega gives 0 fucks based on this thread 😞

Correction...apparently collection folders dont ask you if you want to drop gems on them? I checked and saw i had the SG collection folders but i dont remember the game ever asking me if i was wanting to dump gems on them. Fuckkkk this games menus jfc

Same happened to me and my wife, we both got responses to our tickets after about a month of waiting, just saying we purchased the Collection Folder Expansion which we didn't care for and will not issue a refund.

It's really sad they can't take 5 minutes to fix these issues.

I too have lost around a thousand gems and I havent bought anything that costs star gems...post ngs...And I know it cant be some artificial "expiration" that was never listed as earlier this year I blew a bunch on sg scratches that brought me down to only20-60 gems paid for stargems at least 3 times after that and spent more....so there is no way I had "old gems...that could turn into missing 1000 gems....

Im still waiting on support to get back to me.....its so frustrating Im about ready to quit the game if I cant trust them to not lose things I literally pay irl cash for....