Missing Star gems

I had over 800 SG. I went to the casino for a bit and then found I only have 150. I checked my purchase history to make sure I did not accidentally spend them by clicking through menus.

Ship 1

Character: Ora

Player name: Orcus

Xbox gamer tag: FASTERintheRAIN

the same thing just happened to me!

Exact thing happened to me.

Just had this exact thing happen to me, I put in a ticket, any updates on your ends?

Same thing happened here, from over a 1000 to 73 😞

Just happened to me after maintenance today, no idea if there is a weekly expiration or not on Star Gems. Was at 1100 and some and now i'm at 469. Also reinstalled the game beforehand so maybe that did something, just throwing that out there just in case that maybe the cause. Doesn't seem like anyone has concrete evidence as to why this is happening yet and the contact us page seems to be down as of this moment.

Bla 1k+SG idr the correct amount same thing happend to me too 473SG T.T

Put in a ticket over two weeks ago now, still no response

Ya, haven't gotten a response either about this issue and it's been two days.

The same has just happened to me. Signed in today (2020/06/27) and noticed at roughly 7:56 AM (EDT) when I checked the Swap Shop. I know for sure I had at least 800 and close to 900 just a few hours previously sometime between 1:00-3:00 AM. The only notable occurrence I can think of is that I made two characters and marked one of them for deletion, but that shouldn't have any relation.

I've submitted a ticket in the hopes of getting a response.

As far as I can tell, were being ignored :*(

I logged in today and noticed I'm missing around 600+ gems. What the heckin 😠 I put in a ticket but I don't even see a way to check the status of it.

Happened to me as well 2 days ago. Missing 700+ star gems out of the blue. Also put in a ticket.....

Managed to find a reddit page ( https://www.reddit.com/r/PSO2/comments/hiecxm/star_gems_disappearing/ ) that is discussing this exact issue. I would recommend supporting that post as much as possible if you are having this issue, as well as submitting a ticket to customer support.

The long and short of it is that both AC and SG are set to expire 1 year after purchase in Japan to avoid taxation of both corporations and people due to weird laws that Japan has. If you buy any additional AC and SG, the timer resets. However, this does not apply to earned SG as it does not have value under those laws. Though this still doesn't explain why SG is disappearing from NA users - the game hasn't even been out for a year in NA yet.

Finally got a response back, they say I spent star gems on a... collection expansion.... which I did not, collections are kinda useless atm and I didn't even go to the menu where it was possible, at least not that I recall. I sent a email back explaining that and waiting on a response again.