Add usage for tier stars after Mission Pass 35

So it's come to my attention that even without paying into it, you can easily get to tier 35 with more than a week to spare. While that's nice and all, can there be something for doing that? Maybe give Excubes, FUN points, or SG for getting tier stars afterwards. As is, it's just entirely worthless to get tier stars afterwards. The worst part is that tier missions themselves don't even give a reasonable amount of meseta or exp on top of that so whenever you clear one, it just feels annoying having to go into the menu to handle it.

Please come up with something for this. I don't mind if it's simple.

Agree to this. Now we are getting the next bunch of (now useless) tier missions... 😢

Honestly they should just let you repeat 31-35 endlessly so you can collect all the cosmetics you want.

I totally agree to having SG be the ultimate stretch goal after lvl.35. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you have a Premium Set, given the two log ins a day for a month yields 120 SG, and 35 levels of completed Mission Pass goals this month being 40 SG respectively, it comes out to 160 SG.

Wouldn't it be nice to make up the last 40 SG with the extra mission pass levels? That way a player could guarantee a purchase of mission pass every month which I think would be worth the amount of time playing that was needed.

If you complete the gold Mission Pass you will have 200SG by the end of it, which is enough to buy the next one. So I don't think they'd let us have more SG since that would ultimatly hurt their bottom line. Letting us repeat the last 5 would be nice tho. Not like any of it is tradable, so there's no harm in it.

@SirDoodlesAlot Oh what really? When I scanned across all the rewards most of the tickets were 5 SG tickets. Are there more rewards I'm getting that I'm not seeing?

@Merelambasted It's 5x5 which is 25 and there are a total of 100 on the top row and 100 on the bottom. Assuming free teirs go past 30.

@SirDoodlesAlot Wow my apologies, this was my number one ask and it's there, thank you!

You can go past 30? It would be nice if it was explained a little better. My wife just used a item on the wrong character and that drove me to surch for a help/sujestion form to see if it could be fix.

@ShadowWolf-2257 Yes you can get to 35. You get a second chance to get doubles of certain items (you have to choose) or you can choose up to 25 star gems. None of these items are tradable, but we are hoping eventually they will be.