What Armor?

New to the game, level 60 Fo/Te. What armor should I be getting for end game. What armor should I be saving for later (if any), and what augments do I want?

Honestly, End Game isn't here yet. but if you're looking for good stuff, There's a "Negro/Midia" unit set.. I'm not sure if ti's in the game but you should be able to get it by doing a Emergency Code: Defend Lillipan Village on VH+... might be a rare drop from it but it'll give you a set bonus of +90 TEC Attack. Grind it up and add some extra TEC attack to them as well and you should be good for where we are for now..

Not sure if anyone else has more or better info for you but chances are someone will. But it's a good start I think for now. Good luck!

Saiki is currently the BiS endgame unit set un NA due to it's set bonus giving a bunch of PP. As for augments, I don't know which are and aren't in NA except the basic ones but Casting, Mastery and Spirit are all safe bets for Force.

Really appreciate the help! Thanks!