Being fairly new to the game, I want to ask if you all stick to specific blocks? I currently just float where ever the game drops me. Is this the norm?

Atm 1-3 you can just about find anyone to run something with. But usually all blocks have some people just atm 1-3 are the heaviest and honestly on use them when there is a big EQ. When pc drops people will eventually spread out. In jp for instance "not the exact one as ive forgot " 1-like 3 was for normal mode players, 4-5 hard mode, 6-7, vh, and so on.

My alliance chose a specific block to stick to so it is easier to find each other naturally rather than have to ask which block are you on?.

Japanese servers name the blocks per difficulty/Game type to keep it a little more organized, Hopefully something similar here once beta is over

Honestly this feels like a soft quite launch than a beta at this point.

I hear the roleplayers have chosen Ship 4 but IDK which blocks they frequent.

I would like to be able to specifically set what block I land in when first logging in for the day/session. But it only takes an extra 30secs to run over and go to it so not a terrible inconvenince for me. Only ever so mildly annoying bordering on a wish. ;0 ;~)

(le sigh)

o/ =^.^=

@KnightHarb1nger the only time it is really an inconvenience is when the game logs me into Block 1. For some reason entering block 1 on the first boot makes the game stutter really badly until I make it to the block changer.

Nothing wrong with Floating. Though I tend to stay in block 1. Also know that premium users get fast access passes priority over free users. So if you are trying to go in they take priority.

I tend to look for the least filled so my game runs quicker with no lags.

But if you are in an Alliance, you can choose a designated spot for easier access.