Display help that DOESN'T involve TV settings?

I see this is a rather widespread problem and every "solution" has boiled down to "it's your TV's overscan. Adjust the settings."

Well, the problem is I don't HAVE scan settings. I don't have aspect ratio settings. I don't have any options on my TV to change the size or resolution of the display, only color, contrast, brightness, and a short list of presets ("Standard," "Dynamic," "Movie," and whatever the 4th one was) which solely change within those parameters. These are the options I get from the menu using the buttons on the side of the TV. I have no remote, got the TV used in a trade years ago, good possibility the TV (an Emerson model) itself never had a display size option.

So, does anyone have any solutions (or could we get a patch to the game itself) to address this? I have not had any such issues with any other game, or when using the console browser, or as a DVD/blu-ray player. No clipping, no edges missing, etc. Only having a problem with this game.

The problem with this game is that it uses the PC version and just runs that on the XBOX One, rather than it being built specifically for the XBOX One (The XBOX One is essentially just a Windows 10 PC slimmed down to being a game console). If you ever tried connecting your computer to the TV, you would have the same problem due to the overscan. At least with a GPU's control panel on a computer, you can adjust the overscan without messing with the TV. With something like the XBOX One, you can't. The only fix on the development side would be to stop running the game as the PC version, which would require completely reworking the game to be built specifically for the XBOX One, which could take months. In the mean time, users will either have to deal with it, unfortunately, or find a TV that allows adjusting the overscan. Either that, or Microsoft needs to add in support to adjust overscan to the XBOX One itself.

@Ragnawind Yea, I already figured that was the root cause of the issue, I just didn't know if there was any workaround for TVs that don't have aspect ratio or scan settings. Not exactly in an ideal position for purchasing a new TV right now. Heh, to be fair I wasn't in any position even before this whole CV-19 craziness shut nearly everything down and put millions out of work. Guess it's back to the Craigslist barter section to see if anyone's got one to trade.

@Ragnawind said in Display help that DOESN'T involve TV settings?: "Either that, or Microsoft needs to add in support to adjust overscan to the XBOX One itself."

Already there and available via functions that can be called from the XB1 graphics layer. Which is why 99.99% of the games that are cross-platform between XB1 and Windows 10 display correctly on the XB1. Sega just doesn't bother to use the code libraries.

@zaffy2005 Any recent LCD monitor designed for desktop computers will likely work fine. I run PSO2 with my XB1X connected via HDMI to a 23" LCD I bought 2 years ago for $130 and the game displays correctly with no clipping at edges. When displayed on my 8 year old Sony Bravia HDTV though, there's clipping and no easy way to resolve it.

@KronovanX Really hope they can come out with some kind of patch to adjust it.