Anime ads on tvs

Can we get some anime ads on the tvs like in japan. Would be nice little additon. I love the intros as much as the next person but having some anime pop up every now and again would be nice. Unless it has to do with liscening issues.

What type of ads are running now? I've always been curious as to what they would replace the JP ads with.

@Laterz780 For now they're just running the first 3 openings.. But I am also curious what they'll put up there in the future.

Yea atm they go up to the 4th opening and just repeat those. Maybe some ads for current shows. My hero, or whatever is big atm. One piece. Maybe neptunia ads. Or game ads for things they are collabing with like Nier.

Or they could just air these

The closed beta used them to play ads for the sonic movie