Daily Finds / Accomplishment thread

Dumb but a pretty big win for me.

Two weeks ago I lost out on a killer deal for Dark Butterflies accessory for 120m, then it came back in the Throwback collection and Milk lived happily ever after with her butterflies for less than 30m. Sometimes it’s good when something you want slips through your fingers.

I bought the Unique dance just to have a BGM to meme about while AFK.

Haven't bought an emote in quite a while.

I got a sealed nodachi drop from Cradle UH. I affixed it a little and went to town on mobs to unlock the Tsumikiri J-Sword camo. Can't wait to run around with a giant katana in NGS :D.

Splurged on La Belle Mehl weapon camo to transmute for more Phasion style.

The wheelception of Hyper Night was bothering me a bit.

Also updated the Friend Avatar after weeks of laziness.

Glad to finally have a stylish perfume bottle on sheathe that allows continued showing off my character's butt.

Just noticed that the wing accessory bumped up a layer. But since it's during combat, it's not a big deal in terms of cosmetics.



been running Abyss, Divide 35, Cradle and recently Solo Sodam just to get about every new 15* weapon but the SJS. finally today it dropped during Cradle with the Buff after TPD.


Got the thing:

alt text

Also, got the other thing:

alt text

I wouldn't call it an achievement, but I did notice that my HP autochat was censored for some reason.

But then I realized that I had the misfortune of being at a certain level with mediocre stats and was probably given a buff towards that HP specific number.

I mean, good on the mods for censoring gang sign numbers, but yeesh. I need to increase my HP.

i wish i could get the Sealed nodachi to drop

A cute cat girl with wings "cuted" me on lookbook. I think I just won the game.

Got these to drop after a 30 minute Final Lament run:


@YagyuChan Congrats, they are great, I have them on my Etoile right now.

I was lazy and noticed how much Party Chat got clogged by Auto Chat.

Finally added /a to my Auto Chats.

Progress Update:


@MasterDarkwingz Nice, only braver and Hunter left. I still have Ranger, Luster, Hero, and Force left to go. Keys are a bit slow to come by, so the grind is a bit of a headache, lol.

My hunter character keeps auto healing itself but does more damage. My main ranger is higher level but doesnt deal much damage while battling shiva and does not auto heal. Please help


Hunter has a passive skill called Auto-mate Half which can/will (depending on its skill level) use one of your -mate items once your HP drops below 50% as long as the attack itself isn't OHKO. This skill can only activate if you have Hunter as your main or sub class. So if your Ranger doesn't heal itself that means you don't have Hu as your sub class.

As to why it deals less damage it can depend on different things: Weapon used, Units used, the skill tree itself, your Photon Art rotation, etc.