Daily Finds / Accomplishment thread


Grats dude!

I was lazy and didn't take advantage of boost week for gear really. I might next time since some of the S grades I wanted are easier to obtain now. For me all i've accomplished recently was getting all the scion classes including luster to 100.

Now that Luster has been released, I have finally beaten Phaleg using all classes in the game. Some of there were incredibly difficult, like Gunner or Bouncer, because they were classes I'm not too familiar with. Ranger was gonna be the most difficult challenge but I ended up cheesing it with Dark Blast lol. IMG_20210204_150247.jpg

And with that, I've also gotten 1000 Titles in the game. 9d907a99-f64d-4674-a662-fd3c6fb2aca5~2.png

Congratulations @Meikoloid ! My accomplishment yesterday was reaching Level 100 on my Rod-specced Phantom!

Congrats to both of you. I personally wouldn't have been patient enough to attempt what you did though @Meikoloid. My achievement yesterday was that I reached level 100 on my bouncer/fighter, both main and subclasses. I then managed to use the remainder of my keys to power level my low level phantom up to 91. I also got good drops from the rainbow keys, and managed to max out my Pride of Genbu knuckles set to +35. Yesterday, and today were good days.

@Knight-Raime Thank you! That was me in the last boost week. I came back, but couldn't do anything with it. Yet I saw this one was coming and I tried to make use of it. I think what is important is you pace yourself. As long as you do that, you won't burn yourself out. Gratz on getting your classes to 100.

Grats to @Meikoloid @GM-Deynger @Anarchy-Marine as well.

Got my Sophis Raynal Outfit the other day but paid 20 million for it though I am happy with it 🙂

@YagyuChan said in Daily Finds / Accomplishment thread:

Got my Sophis Raynal Outfit the other day but paid 20 million for it though I am happy with it 🙂

Congrats! I still have to get that one, next month before the scratch is over I’m going to get the cute bonus emote prize so here’s hoping the outfit just drops because it’s the same price here too.

My Personal Quarters is finally in a point of decoration on Layout A where I can start redecorating Layout B... if only I had the inventory space. pso20210214_161922_000.jpg

The gods of RNG blesses me with a Exquisite Critical parfait on Varuna step 25!!!!

Never really shared this, but I managed to get Luster's Valor Emblem (R).

That was the first ever time I was actually sweating over intense combat.

I finally made Layout A at cap Cost once again! Huzzah! Now my alts can feel as inventory bogged as ever!

That Holed Brick Pillar I-Shape is the best thing to ever decorate my floor, but maybe it's the posters talking.


Felt nostalgic for Home Economics on Layout B, despite knowing that I'm a terrible cook.


Got to level 81 and was told by another player to remove some weapons from the shop and up there price to almost double or triple

I simped away some of my Meseta storage for the the Aphtal Eyes.


I finally dipped my toes into affixing. Made one klauz gunblade for my luster. 5 s grades though it's missing the optimal one for my S3. And has Astral soul. No idea what I want for my 7 and 8 slots and I don't have the time or patience to do units or two other gunblades.

But it's something I'm proud of.

Ran into a will of D player in the lobby as I goofed around and slacked on final Monthly Mission and Limited Quests.


Now after the boost week is over:

alt text

alt text

Still happy that I got it though.