[Ship 2] TwilightBrigade is recruiting players!

Welcome to ARKS, Operative. Here at TwilightBrigade, we are here to recruit you into our humble alliance. We are highly social at almost most times of the day/night.

We try to run all content currently available with our members as much as possible, while trying to keep everything friendly and informative to those that are still learning the game.

We have an Alliance shop as well as a Quarters to get your EXP buff, as well as fairly knowledgeable players that have the know-how for most classes in the game (no one plays Summoner in the Alliance yet, sorry pet mains 😞 )

Still reading and interested? Message BlckWngdAngel , AudiblePanda#829, or DexrenLunasta98 on Xbox Live for further details! We hope to hear back from you, Operative.

@AudiblePanda829 love the name of the alliance! :3 If I made one I would probably use that or even Azure Knights :3