Xbox game pass

The first perk was good now the release second perk just sucks not worth 15$ you half scape dolls cansio coins and tri boost

The problem with that mentality is that you decided to get Game Pass for the perks it would give for one game. These are technically a free bonus for being a Game Pass subscriber, and the value of Game Pass is the access to game library it provides.

@AndrlCh i use gamepass to play other games til pao2 came out im just saying perk not worth

@X420guy6510 Again, they are free perks; you are paying for the game library and the XBox Live service with your Game Pass subscription, not the perks.

@AndrlCh again like said first month was good because abuse they had never go give out like first its not worth 15$+ for gamepass for pso2 if wanted play other games i woudnt waste my money pso2

@X420guy6510 again like the other guy was trying to say, putting value on the perks (outside of the initial launch OB perks) in the first place is misplaced. Game pass ultimate isn't about PSO2 perks (they didn't have to do perks to begin with). It's FREE, a perk is bonus stuff that xbox throws in there for their subscribers on top of the library of games you get to play (the main reason to be a subscriber).

You're spending your money wrong if you expect having a subscription to game pass will give you special perks for PSO2.

I can see a lot of people switching from xbox game pass to premium now that they know what the recurring reward will be.