New Game Pass Monthly Bonus is Here

This month gives us:

  • Triboost +100% (x10)
  • Half Scape Doll (x5)
  • Casino Coin Pass (x5)

And as a reminder, they did tell us that after the first month it would just be consumables in the initial announcement:

"Today we are proud to announce that Game Pass Ultimate members will receive special rewards in Phantasy Star Online 2! Aside from amazing inaugural prizes, members will continue to receive handy consumables every month."

@AndrlCh yup, knew it wouldn't have AC items in it this time, just came a week sooner than expected.

I'm perfectly fine with getting these little things here and there. They are all pretty useful

Much better than what PlayStation Plus subscribers get every month in JP server (1 Triboost +100% and 5 Casino Coin Pass) 🙂

Free stuff is free stuff. No complaints here.

This has solidified my decision not to resubscribe again. I'm not at all surprised the rewards weren't as good as the first one (after all, once you give your new customer a good bump to get them hooked you don't keep giving them the pure shit) but this stuff is pretty lol tier. I would have expected at least better than 5x a daily reward.

Sure isn't enough to get me to get ultimate game pass if the rewards work on PC. Barely any games available for the PC side I want to play right now.