To newcomers...

What do you think about the game? Do you find the combat system fun? Overwhelming? Both? What do you wish would change, or be added into the game? Will you continue to play it after it fully launches?

I myself am not new or anything. But from what I've played I think this is a pretty good start. After playing the jp version for a while.. in a way this feels like a clean slate, just a new start if you were getting burnt out from the jp version. One of my only problems is the game not being all too social. That's of course due to this being on console and typing is just slow with a controller. I also really miss being able to go afk for however long you want!

Overall the game is great, and the team behind it has been doing a pretty good job at adding new and old things to the game slowly to keep it moving. I hope new players are having fun and enjoying the game. If you are new, then maybe answer some of those questions! I'm excited to see what you all think about the game! 😁

you do know you can hook a keyboard up to the xbox and play. i see what i assume rp parties in lobbies for days just rambling about outfits and if so and so think so and so is cooking a meal.

Game is pretty social it's just everyone is on Xbox voice chat instead of typing. I always get invited to VC when I party with randoms

@Meta77 I play with mouse and keyboard already 🙂

Hey everyone, I am new on the game, and I have to say, I am loving it so far!

Fun as hell. I am a solo player usually due to my schedule , so having the feature where players can join you during mission is refreshing and helpful. The community In general seem to be very chill. Vet players from the Japanese version are sociable and helpful to cherries like myself, and haven't separated themselves from the community like I seen in other MMOs with a prior oversea releasem

@Narumeias said in To newcomers...:

@Meta77 I play with mouse and keyboard already 🙂

Your playing the good way then xD