An idea for a new Advance class in future

About the advanced classes such as Hero Etoile and Phantom. I would really love to see an advanced class that's all about range like an actual minigun and the SUV from phantasy star universe imagine a actual minigun advanced class called annihilator where they have a focus gauge were if you shoot them at the weak point so many times they can summon like a a Mini Mech with missiles guns all that other stuff. I hope others find this idea pleasing have a great day everyone who sees this

They actually just recently teased the next Successor/Scion class, and it looks like it is a pure Gunslash/Gunblade class:

(minor spoilers for content not yet in the NA version)

(if on mobile, skip to ~52 seconds)

I remember reading bumped years ago, back when Bouncer class was being announced, there was another class I was actually excited for they were calling Booster that was supposed to release along side it. It seemed like a Range/Technique class and it used a new weapon they were calling a "Pile Driver" but it looked kinda like a big jet engine... but of course it never really came out.. it'd be nice to see that eventually..

@A4Angel You are probably thinking of this:

That was exclusive to the PSVita game Phantasy Start Nova.

@AndrlCh Oooooh I see. I thought I saw pictures of it, maybe that was also from Nova. I've never played it... <_< Not to steal the topic away from this post but you think having the Shields from Phantasy Star Zero would be nice? I enjoyed using them.

@AndrlCh Yes!!! That was it!!! Thanks for the link. I felt like I was going crazy when I talked to some other friends of mine about seeing it on bumped. lol

@AndrlCh so happy to see that! always thought it was weird that none of the classes specialized in gun blades, theyre kinda pointless rite meow

I just wish we could get a launcher/gunblade, make it a cross between a sword and launcher or a 2 handed sword type gun blade, o and I want slicers back