Way to tell whats for who in fresh finds shop?

I see outfits all the time I consider buying but the fear regarding if its for cast or not etc. lingers, is there any way to tell? It doesnt give you much detail besides "Buy This?"

Anything that looks like a mechanical robot will be for a CAST... I'm not sure if they are giving us the "CAST outfits for non-CASTs" yet...

CASTs can generally wear anything actually, layered outfits as well as costumes. Well.. female CASTs can, I'm actually not sure how it works with male CASTs...

I hope this helps though!

@A4Angel CASTs, both male and female, can wear Outfits/Costumes that are fixed color (ie. the ones that don't have the little color indicator in the Item Description's picture), and all Layer-wear.

Yeah but like stuff like the nurse outfit on NA right now, if I had bought that I would never know if it would for cast or only humans etc.