PSO2 Current Impressions

I figured that it would be good to have this topic to discuss. Basically, discuss your current impressions of PSO2 up to this point. This should also be valid for future episodes unless separate topics are created for each one after.

For myself, I've been able to enjoy it. It is hard to be able to enjoy it as equally as I can with JP, because of the episode we are on. There are some minor things I miss, like crafting. Once I start maxing levels, I get this desire to wait until the NA version at least is able to get crafting so I can be able to do that much at least.

With the urgent quests, I'm really enjoying Coast / Wopal. Yet that's really the only one I can enjoy and be able to benefit from that I know of. The Falz Nest is good for EXP but I'm not fond of it. City seems to be the best but I don't care for City.

I don't mind doing Advanced Quests for leveling, but having to shell out that cash or team points for capsules is annoying at some points. I much prefer the fourth Featured Quest (Recommended Quest in NA), and it's much less hassle overall.

I am actually able to focus more on grinding (enhancing in NA) my weapons and gear rather than affixing, and by the time affixing becomes relevant, everything else should already be up to par by then. Even without affixing, the game is still deep.

Finally, I just wish I had more skill points to work with, but I know with time I'll have them.

Ive put in 200 hours over both Betas, and I am slowly running out of steam a little. I stopped playing the JP at the same point the NA version is at now, so I have no awareness of how much more there is to come? I love PSO, and I'm hoping for this to be my main game for the year, maybe I need to slow down a bit now and not burn out before they release more to do.

@the-emcee said in PSO2 Current Impressions:

I stopped playing the JP at the same point the NA version is at now, so I have no awareness of how much more there is to come?

NA is missing alot of content except when it comes to expeditions.

Expeditions wise, it's only missing 3 of them, but other than that, it's missing alot of other types of quests and the higher difficulty modes (XH and UH, enemies receive big HP buffs in these and are noticeably more aggressive on UH).

Though, what NA is missing the most at the moment are the urgent quests. The NA version is barely at the start of Episode 2 when it comes to urgent quests.

I'm really excited about the game but I find myself going back to JP version more. I don't want to say I'm bored but AQ and these older UQs are killing me. Helping new players is the most fun I have on this version lately. I like doing that a lot. I put 800$ into the NA version so far so I've done my part to support it. I'll prob take a break until new content drops

Just finished my fourth 75 moving onto the next now and starting to feel the burn out from the limited content available, The temptation to just go back and play JP until things catch up a little more is getting stronger by the day.. the EQ/UQs are that bad right now that even the idea of playing the original mining defense sounds exciting.

So far I have really enjoyed it, but as many have voiced the Urgents are very lackluster. It seems like the selection was limited for a more casual experience at the moment (open beta too, of course) but the nationwide quarantine has made it hard to take a casual approach to video games at the moment.

The maintenance tonight will hopefully bring NA's first event and the first official news about a PC release. (A fool can dream) I also kinda hope for our first boost week in the very near future.

I would also like to see the first round of Expert blocks come soon. I was doing some Falz Triggers on SH with people who knew the game well and it was a blast compared to the normal SH UQ spam. Really looking forward to an easier way to get knowledgable people together that doesn't require third party software.

@John-Paul-RAGE I Hope the Gaming Gods are Hearing you and info on the PC Release comes after the maintenance...

@LFSkyden said in PSO2 Current Impressions:

@John-Paul-RAGE I Hope the Gaming Gods are Hearing you and info on the PC Release comes after the maintenance...

It’s very possible . Taking 3 things into consideration

1st being the Xbox One version had a weeks notice before release .

2nd being many events last until April 14 like pirate hat , puyo mag , urgent quests timetable ext (1 week from today)

3rd being the tweets of them saying that they know the dates but cannot release the dates and it’s on schedule . Now to me considering how quiet it was before I feel we could hear something soon about it

@RagnarokSlayer my thinking is along those lines as well.

More specifically the gamepass dates lining up. April 14th should bring the next round of gamepass rewards, which should contain significantly less than the first, unique reward. It will also be right after the Easter holiday, but if there is an Easter event, it should still continue for that week as well.

It would give xbox players the first week and allow the PC players to experience it for a week as well. It would also bring them in for part II of the April AC scratches, while they still have access to part I.

Maybe I am being overly optimistic for our PC family, but I feel like it should be coming around the 14th.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that is getting withdrawal for the content that is ahead of where we are at in NA. I have also supported by getting the founders pack, and will be maxing all classes at the very least. I will also run out of things to do at that point. Yet I'll take it as a challenge to myself of what content I have yet to do, like some of the subquests.

@John-Paul-RAGE no Easter lobby/event I guess ;(

I'm having a good time so far. I too came from JP, I mostly stopped playing at around Ep5 because my poor laptop wasn't having it anymore!! So there seem to be a lot of new things added in JP that we do have over here that I haven't experienced yet. My impressions of the NA version are good so far. The fact that I can get my Green Puyo Mag so soon after open beta's start when this item was an anniversary item originally is amazing and keeps me hopeful that I'll be getting the few other outfits/accessories and camos and hair style that I really need to finish recreating my characters lol.

I also finally have friends to play with for a change rather than soloing everything! And when PC happens I'll have a butt load of more of my friends around too!

I suppose some concerns I have though is the Fresh Find's shop thingy and the FUN Shop. I'm sure this won't be the case but I'm a bit worried that items found in Fresh Finds could be exclusive to that, which will lock out certain outfits/accessories to free players, since no one is going to buy things from that place and toss it up on the player shop.. at least not after about a year or so. Again I'm sure these things will show up in FUN and AC scratch lists from time to time, but I like that other people can have access to even more things. It's just another thing that shows that we'll be getting a lot of stuff fairly quickly over here!

As for the FUN shop, It's really just the 3 Day My Room tickets. It's said that they can be found in the FUN shop but they clearly aren't there. In JP I spend a lot of time and effort and meseta keeping my large room without being premium (mainly because of the way of getting AC I heard of seemed... not my speed...), and I was actually playing the game and spending several hours online to maintain my room. I'm hoping they eventually do finally put them in the FUN shop, or at least put them back in the EXcube shop (which would keep that sorta end game feeling). I miss having my big room and $30 a month for just that seems a bit high.. I don't really have an interest in using any of the other ease of life features that it gives you.

Oh oh, also, I'm biting at the bit for "This is my Happiness" to show up in game so I can buy it and a jukebox. If I'm not allowed my big room then let me at least have my jukebox playing Tom Jones on loop forever!

its good game but it has got boring real fast ill be sticking around they just need to release more stuff to do would hate to play the same shit for 6 months and still wait for updates

Bit of a spoiler but someone mentioned that we don't have many UQs. I've played to the end of the story, so is it safe to assume the other bosses are coming at some point?

@HoveringNebula Yes, there are several boss fights in the Story Mode that are actually pared down versions of UQs that we don't yet have, like the Clock Chicken, the Big Boy Strolling Downtown, the Hoppy Funtime Castle, the Pretty Flower, and the Bug in the Ground.