Option to bind a walk button for keyboard

I know that it is possible to walk with a controller, but its so odd that it was programmed and animated and only possible with one input device. I know it seems minor but for anyone wanting to get into roleplaying it would be really nice to not 0-60 from point A to B. Please consider adding a "walk" binding in the options menu, thank you!

@Merelambasted Whaaat ? You mean I've been searching that option on my configuration and it does not exist ? Please allow walking with a keyboard ...

walk pls

Even if I own a controller and don't have this problem, I am voting in your favor.

Please add a "walk" binding in the options menu. Even those who have only a keyboard have the right to be able to "walk".

I also mostly use controller but support adding an optional walk keyboard binding.

Whats strange is I am pretty sure PSU and PSO had a keybind for walking lol

Yeah, something like a walk toggle would be nice for keyboard.

I don't use a keyboard, but I support this for those that do.

I've been doing some RP on mouse and Keyboard, and for dramatic effect it would be nice to walk sometimes, haha.

I don't really need it, but it'd be cool to have.

If it is available under one control scheme, I fail to see why it ought not be available on another.

In the meanwhile, it might be possible to use Virtual Controller or Universal Contoller Remapper to bind a key to virtual button to an ingame prefferance, assuming GameGuard plays nice.

Will report back when I have had a chance to test this workaround.

@zubkoa I guess it would be like telling a PC shooter player to just use a controller if he wants to walk instead of holding shift, I'm sure he'd have something to say about the aiming. Let me tell you TPS controls for Ranger work way better on Mouse and Keyboard, it's virtually broken with default on controller. There are already so many options and this would be a nice quality of life feature.

I agree. Any binding available for controller should be available on keyboard and vice versa. Individual sub pallet item and weapon access would be nice without having to bind extra buttons to keyboard digits.

This is especially annoying when the program does not play nice with remapping tools. I have not been able to get PSO2 to cooperate with Virtual Controller or UCR.

I am coldreactive, and I am not making an "I approve of this message" joke.

Does this mean there's no button to walk? :'(.