Client Order prompt for Expeditions

Is there a reason why I am prompted for parallel client orders before confirming a quest for sub quests but not expeditions.

As far as I know that CO prompt only auto pops for Recommended Quests; you can, however, access that prompt manually for any Quest before you enter the Gateway ship from the Client Order Menu (I think it is the third option).

They added this a while back in JP. You can just see it as a way to be notified that there are other COs that you could do while you're out if you're looking for EXP or Meseta... <_< not.. that most of them give you all that much anyway..

Ah I see, it did kind of seem tacked on, but I'll take it over nothing! Thanks for clarifying, I do often forget to check Client Orders.

Just as a note, I think it's only going to be COs from certain characters like Io and Franka. I'm not sure if they include Dailies in there, and pretty sure Team Orders aren't included.

@A4Angel You know I think that's what it is because sometimes I'm pretty sure that there should be Daily I forgot to grab that never show up. So many qualifiers haha.