We need higher stakes in the casino.

The current casino is fun but there is no risk-reward factor it is very passive and I wish there were more options. We should have some variant of Texas holdem with a 50 buy in and a max all in of 500 casino coins. There should also be a high roller table with a buy in of 500 and an all in of 10000. I feel like this would be a major improvement to the casino environment and my entire alliance agrees. There is no need for 2 rappy slots areas in the casino and I think that one of these areas would be a good place for them. I also think there should be more high stakes allowed on other games like rappy slots, black gnack, and roulette.

Do they not have Arkuma Slots yet?

I would love Texas Holdem Poker in Phantasy Star Online 2 but doubt very much they would do it.

@PennilessImp749 Why not? They have Blackjack... I for one would love Poker Night at the Inventory: ARKS Edition.

In Arkuma Slots, Falz Arms can multiply your score but they're non-optional and one always has a 0% multiplier which I think gives you a game over if I recall correctly. Also the number of arms goes down and the odds of encountering Falz Arms at higher stages.