Even with the optimal class, skills, and weapons, an operative can still be outnumbered. That's why you should give yourself the ability to call for backup; by joining an Alliance!

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Make things easier on yourself and join an Alliance. Need help fighting the Falspawn, or have a Client Order that’s particularly dangerous? Chances are someone in your Alliance would love to help. Alliances are a community of operatives who would like to work toward a shared goal or just those that enjoy playing together. If you happen to call the same Ship home, then you’re able to communicate with other operatives in your Alliance by using the Alliance Chat, regardless of currently inhabited Block or location.


The Alliance Counter, found in the Lobby, is where operatives who are not currently in an Alliance can create one, and those who are in one can check up on it. This Counter is also where Alliance Captains (Leaders) can perform administrative actions to manage the Alliance. If your Alliance Captain has gone AWOL or MIA for 30 days, then an Alliance Officer can take over as Captain.

alt text Meet your new favorite ARKS Ship spot: The Alliance Quarters!


The ability to form your own Alliance requires that you reach at least level 10 in your chosen class, but before that you can be invited to join an Alliance by another player. Invites are visible by an icon displayed at the top and center of the screen or activated from the “Alliance Commands” Sub-Menu of the Main Menu. Characters that are on the same account and the same Ship will all be part of the same Alliance.


The ALLIANCE MEMBER LIST will display the ranks of every Alliance member. There are four ranks among members of an Alliance:

  • Leader/Alliance Captain: As the name implies, this is the leader of the Alliance, and they can perform all functions regarding Alliance management.
  • Officer: Operatives of this rank can perform basic management functions as well as invite new operatives to join the Alliance.
  • Member: Operatives of this rank can perform basic functions of the Alliance.
  • Provisional Alliance Rank: These are newly-recruited operatives who have not yet been approved as a Member. They can perform the basic functions of the Alliance.

alt text Catch up with fellow Alliance members and plan your next expedition together.


Client Orders accepted via the Alliance Counter and completed by members will reward Alliance Points. These Points can be spent on additional Alliance features, such as Alliance Quarters for your members to gather in, or on member list expansion. At Alliance level 2, a new Alliance name can be chosen by members at the rank of Officer or higher, if desired. After the name is changed, it cannot be changed again for 7 days.


Only Alliance Captains can initiate or accept a merger with another Alliance, and it is necessary that the total number of members between the two Alliances not exceed 100 for the merger to succeed. If items remain in the Alliance Storage of the Alliance being incorporated, the Merger will not go through. Incoming members will be given the rank of Provisional, and Client Orders of the incorporated Alliance will be discarded. Finally, the Alliance Points of the two Alliances will be summed.


If you choose to move on to another Alliance from the one you formed, you can Disband it. If you Disband an Alliance, however, you will lose any Alliance Points you achieved while the Alliance was active. This action is not reversible, so consider carefully before accepting or initiating departure.

That’s it for a brief introduction to Alliances! Make sure to reach out to fellow ARKS Operatives to find out more about this feature! See you next time!

-The PSO2 Team