Looking for a Gunblade Br/?? build

Before anyone says anything, I know gunblades aren't great, and are considered a "meme weapon". I don't care.

I started playing this game about 3 days ago, and was suggested using Br/Hu with an emphasis on DEX. I even have a pure DEX Mag.
My only issue is that I was never given a skill build to go off of, and a lot of the information I find elsewhere is outdated/doesn't exist.

If anyone has build to suggest, I'd be happy to listen. I've heard people suggest going Fi/Hu (Hu/FI) instead, or even Br/Su (am I abbreviating these correctly?? lol). All in all, I'm just unsure.

Thank you!

Nevermind, I'm just going to sit tight and wait for the gunblade class to drop. In the mean time it's Fi/Hu for me.

@Memyx Is there a gunblade class coming out? I am rocking gunblade at the moment and love it. But I do things different anyways.

@Obias8080 It was recently teased for the JPN servers, but with no official details other than an August release time (though this may be pushed further back due to COVID-19 related adjustments to development and release schedules).

Here's the teaser (minor spoilers for content not yet in the NA version; jump to 52 seconds if on mobile): https://youtu.be/GiRPGdF6yJo?t=52

so it looked to me like the blade was usable with other classes photon arts....or things similar too.

so when picking a sub class for praver, what should people be looking for. I picked an odd ball one but want to know what people think. I like gun blade for 1. Fun. 2. Ranged Photon Art is great. 3. When leveling a different class, I can always have a rotation I'm familiar with.

What is so wrong with natural attacks?

@Obias8080 I love gunblade, too. However, after trying out other jobs and weapons I now fully understand what people mean when they say it's horribly underpowered. Sadly, that won't change until it gets its own class that has actual gears to support it. I played BrHu gunblade since I started playing, though FiHu is definitely the way to go.

Unfortunately gunblade will still be underpowered until we get crafting, but even that won't help too much.

It's a shame that gunblade is so underwhelming. I have a nice 12* and it still hits nowhere near as hard as a even a 9* katana. It makes me sad. The Photon Arts for it are very underwhelming as well. There is only one or two that are useful but even they don't deal the damage required. I guess it's why every class can use it? Easy to get ahold of and great to put on classes you are leveling until you can get a good 9* drop. Again that is even useless as you can buy a Sigma for 30K for most classes.

Gunblade class? Could be interesting. Wonder how they're going to compensate for the lack of a block (which I think is the biggest downside of the gunblade).

@Grave-Knight Scion classes have their own mechanics (different animations, PAs, etc.) for the weapons they use, so they could add in one. That said, if I recall from the preview I posted, it looks like the class can perform a type of Parry.

@Grave-Knight Looking at the preview video, it seems like the Gunblade class is super mobile, going from melee to ranged very quickly. So it seems like it'll trade blocking for mobility, which I'm totally for. I'd say that plays on it's strength as a hybrid weapon much better.

I'm just wondering what's so great about the gunblade. The techniques that are for them, don't seem to have much of an effect. I would like to use it, but it seems not to help out as a braver. I could use some advice on how can I make the gunblade use a lot better, since I have a Braver/Hunter character.

Had a +100 melee nemesis gunblade drop so I'm just like eh why not.

+30 later, I'm doing about 20k on weakpoints per strezwei slice. Feels bad when I see that other braver thread doing 350k in probably a quick fashion lol

@Sinventus It looks cool and can fill in the lack of range or melee some classes have. Mostly range, let's be honest. It's really frustrating to deal with certain flying enemies as a Hunter you can't even reach while double jumping. But, yeah, the only weapon weaker than it is the Harmonizer, which you don't use to directly attack enemies with anyways. Hopefully "Not EPISODE 7" will give them a buff along with the Successor Class.