An operative's life is not all about fighting the Falspawn! Help Franca keep her supplies well-stocked and reap the benefits of Fishing and Harvesting!

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Need that extra “oomph”, to complete a Quest? Hopefully, you’ve been Gathering and have amassed some materials. No? Then let us tell you about it! Gathering is the act of collecting resources while you are out exploring planets by HARVESTING or FISHING. Harvesting can be done in designated spots, easily recognized by their glowing green indicators on the field; these provide vegetables, fruits, minerals, and other items. Continued Harvesting will deplete your Harvesting Stamina, so make sure you’re spending it in areas most likely to give you needed items!

Similarly, you can start Fishing at glowing blue indicators near chasms or bodies of water, and with a well-timed button press, you’ll be hauling fish, mollusks, crustaceans, and other things home to the ARKS Ship in no time! Continued Fishing depletes your Fishing Stamina, so make sure to come prepared! Harvesting and Fishing Stamina recover naturally over time, but if you still haven’t gotten the material you need, you can spend Star Gems to recover stamina immediately!

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There is more to Naverius than just fighting! Make sure to look for Fishing spots during Expeditions!


Harvesting or Fishing multiple times in rapid succession builds up the COMBO COUNTER. Using up all available attempts at a Harvesting or Fishing spot will also add to your Combo Count. As the Combo Counter increases, so does your chance of triggering GATHERING FEVER. In this state, you’ll receive more items and you’ll have a better chance at rare materials! Moreover, you’ll be able to Harvest or Fish at the spot for the duration of Gathering Fever. Once Fever ends, you’ll be awarded experience based on the length of your Combo, though there is a limit to this.


If you’re looking for a special material, then remember to use consumable items such as Superb or Good Pickaxes and Fishing Rods to increase your chance of success. Some Cooking dishes are also helpful to keep on hand as they can provide an increased chance of special item drops or increase the chance or number of items dropped from specific material categories!

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Maximize your Mission time and harvest useful materials while exploring new planets!


Take your haul to Franca’s Café, where they will be able to turn them into COOKING DISHES or SKILL RINGS. Cooking dishes will provide short-term benefits like stat improvements, item drop increases, or bonuses to the rate of experience gain. Cooking dishes can be plugged into the Sub-Palette to make re-using them easier. However, if you consume a new dish while your current one has time remaining the current bonus will be canceled, the new bonus applied, and the EFFECT DURATION TIMER reset.

Unlocking GATHERING ACHIEVEMENTS will give you access to new dishes by expanding the Culinary Shop menu as well as leveling up your Gathering or Fishing. New levels come with material rewards, as well as certain benefits like an increase to the duration of Gathering Fever. Leveling up will also replenish your Gathering or Fishing Stamina.

A left and a right Skill Ring can be equipped in much the same way that Units are and can provide class-specific skill increases or the use of general skills available to all classes. Once you’re well on your way to becoming a senior member of ARKS, you can even fuse multiple Rings together to create a Skill Ring with two bonuses. You’ll then be able to equip another Ring and gain an additional benefit!

Franca, Yerkes, and Gathering Guru Sophia are more than happy to give Client Orders for specific items to Arks in exchange for some Meseta, Experience, or other rewards. It’s a good idea to check in with them before departing on a Quest or whenever you have some downtime. You may already have Gathered the materials they’re requesting and stored them after a previous quest. This not only saves you a trip but them from having to scratch things off the menu!

Keep exploring, Arks!

-The PSO2 Team