When in doubt, get the Auxiliary out! Fully customize your trusted pocket-sized companion and dispatch him or her on tasks to help you in your never-ending quest!

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Do you have Client Orders piling up? Well, turn that frown upside-down, because an AUXILIARY is ready and willing to help! Auxiliaries can assist with various tasks, such as acquiring items for standing Client Orders or helping to vanquish foes while exploring in a party. In addition, their appearance and disposition are customizable, so you’re not stuck with a personality type that doesn’t jive with your own.

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For those who thoroughly enjoy the character creation process of Phantasy Star Online 2, rejoice in another opportunity to use it! An Auxiliary’s appearance can be customized in the same way an operative would undergo a beauty treatment; by heading to the Beauty Salon on the second floor of the Shopping Plaza. All accessories and hairstyles that are bound to the account are available when customizing an Auxiliary’s appearance. That way, if you’re not feeling confident enough for that eccentric hat, an Auxiliary can model it in your stead.

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Placing the AUXILIARY CONSOLE furnishing in your Personal Quarters creates a permanent station for your companion. By accessing the Auxiliary, you can give them exploration instructions, change their equipment, or just chat. A Sub-Class for the Auxiliary can even be selected via the Auxiliary menu. After setting a Sub-Class, that Class will earn half of all experience earned by the Auxiliary when out exploring. In addition, the Auxiliary will be able to use the skills of the Sub-Class in battle. If you acquire another Auxiliary-specific furnishing, you can dismiss them from their original placement in order to call them to the new one. After all, that Chaise Lounge might match the décor much better than the Auxiliary Console.

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In order to dispatch an Auxiliary on a search, select “Auxiliaries” from the PERSONAL TERMINAL in your Personal Quarters —or from the options available when accessing the Auxiliary from a furnishing. After a set amount of time has passed, the Auxiliary will return from the search and hand over whatever Client Order items they obtained. After embarking on repeated searches and developing their capabilities, the Auxiliary will be able to successfully locate items for more difficult orders, as well as grow in combat skills by gaining experience.

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Did an unusable rare weapon drop, but you abhor the idea of using it as Enhancement fodder? Give it to an Auxiliary! Auxiliaries can be equipped with items and Eggs from your inventory. Skill Rings, however, cannot be equipped, and Affinity will not increase for items equipped by an Auxiliary. Depending on what type of weapon they’re given, Auxiliaries will change classes as needed to use the new gear.

Employing an Auxiliary is an even better way to achieve your goals in Phantasy Star Online 2, even if they’re only to have the best-dressed exploration partner!

-The PSO2 Team