Do you want to learn how to trigger PSE Bursts and understand why certain enemies shine with certain colors as you hunt them down? Read this article to learn about Photon Sensitive Effects!

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Has that consumable Tri-boost you took earlier worn off yet? You scan the screen for an active effects panel, and in the process, you notice a small box in the upper right-hand corner of the UI. There are a few different effects there, and they seem to have levels. As you dispatch the sole survivor of the last wave of Sylvants, a column of soft yellow light beams upon the enemy and you notice the level increased for one of the boons. Is the game giving you buffs just for killing enemies? Why yes, yes it is. You’ve just discovered Photon Sensitive Effects, or PSEs, and will see a lot more of them in your service as an operative.

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There are many types of Photon Sensitive Effects, but two notable PSE increases are EXPERIENCE GAINED and RARE ENEMY APPEARANCE RATE. When activated during a PSE Burst, however, all PSEs will increase ITEM DROP RATE in addition to their respective effects.

Each type of enemy in a given area will contribute to a PSE when you slay them. Pay attention, and you will notice that occasionally when an enemy is defeated, a column of light (several colors possible) will emanate from the slain foe, indicating that there are Photons in an excited state. Focus your efforts on enemies that display beams of a specific color and you can increase the level of the corresponding PSE.


Once a PSE reaches level 8, you’ll trigger a PSE CHANCE. Sometimes you may seem to go straight to the PSE Burst when dispatching enemies especially quickly. During the PSE Chance, the enemies will continue to spawn at the normal rate, but if you manage to yield another column of light the same color as the PSE that provided the Chance, you’ll trigger a PSE Burst. If not, your PSE will be reset.


If you are successful in converting a PSE Chance, you’ll experience a PSE BURST for a short while. While a PSE Burst is active, enemies will spawn continuously in your immediate location and the item drop rate and rare item drop rate will increase. The effect that is active during the PSE Burst will also be received by other players in the same area. However, once you leave the area, the PSEs and their levels will dissipate. This is why it’s a good idea to remain in the same area of a planet if you’re trying to trigger a PSE Burst.

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If you manage to dispatch enough enemies of the same type as the Burst effect during the PSE Burst, you will trigger a ONE MORE, which will continue the Burst.


If a different PSE reaches level 8 while the Burst of another PSE is still active, you’ll trigger a CROSS-BURST. This will result in even more enemies spawning, and a One More is guaranteed when the first Burst timer reaches 0. The new PSE will be added to the effects of the first PSE Burst. If you’re up for it, you can challenge yourself by hunting different enemies and seeing how many times you can continue the Cross-Burst.


Photon Sensitive Effects are influenced by weather effects, as the Photons are sensitive to changing atmospheric conditions. If a special weather event is happening in your area, it’s a good idea to go PSE hunting.

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An additional tip to remember is that more enemies will spawn when there are more operatives in the area, so it’s a good idea to link up with your friends.

That’s it for PSEs! Here’s to hoping you all shine brightly, Arks!

-The PSO2 Team