Add a "Rants" section to the Community section of the forum

I think it might be a good idea to add a subforum that is dedicated to letting players vent out their frustrations or emotionally rant about something related to the game to keep the General Discussion section clear for non-frustration fueled discussion and questions. This might also be a good way for the GMs to see what the biggest issues players are having and/or are passionate about in a contained area.

Probably should add the function of automatically locking the thread after the first post though, these threads always tend to go either off the rails or into some heated arguments.

That might be a good idea, there has been a ton of negative back and forth in general discussion. That might help move it a bit to allow for positive discussion.

Fully agree and support the notion.

For sure, nothing better than 2 folks arguing in circles due to differing opinions or standards.