The (Pre)Final Count

Well Ladies & Gentleman, Cat-kind, Dogs or otherwise..

It's been a good run here on the forums and I'm honoured to say that not only do I carry you all in the metaphysical sense but in the literal sense as well. It's a heavy weight on my shoulder but mine to bare so I gladly lift you all up in recognition of your achievements and notoriety among the 'Top Posters' page here on the forums. ..I get the overarching sense that Ki-Rin is not impressed with my antics.

..We seem to represent the West quite well here on the Global Forums, as you will see we are one 's' user default image away from spelling out 'TEXAS' ...Now if only Sooombo * coughs * sleeprunner *coughs * Now if only some person would elect to change their image that would be our current circumstance! ..Does it get more western than that!?!? I think not.

Without further ado I present to you all, The (Pre)Final official post counts.

With a rough estimate of approximately 48 hours left to go until we are no longer able to access the posting function of these forums,

here you have it.


If anyone cares to share some of their favourite memories, arguments, quarrels, or in-game stories or anecdotes I will definitely read over any comments.

Goodbye's are never easy, so I will just say farewell until we all meet again.

Thanks for being here! ❤

I hope if Sega makes another forums in the future they decide to put actual effort into it. 🤞

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Hopefully a bunch of us migrate over to the new unofficial forums (excluding the known trolls, they can stay out), a few of us including myself have already set up there and we have links in our signatures to help people find it.

Huh. Well, since it's only 2 away from a thousand......There. And it was mostly shit. I guess that's what you get when your reason for making an account in the first place is BS. Excuses, i know, but there it is.

This post is deleted!

This has been a good run, I remember the day they first came up! Prior to that I tried posting on the PSO2 Reddit multiple times but for some reason the moderators let a bot manage new topics and it wouldn't approve any of it at the time.

Let's keep this going, anyone is free to join us on ARKS Pod Forum!

That pic looks like a gathering of NFTs and their values or something xD, I haven't posted that much at all.

I guess this is a more official farewell topic then to these forums. But yeah, anyone that wants to can go to the new ones, so at least people will be able to post stuff in a less volatile way somewhere.

So it is more of a "see you there!".

Sad I wasn't on here much, more of a lurker and enjoyed a few of the familiar faces around here. I never do well in discord or group chats in general but I hope the best for the community.

This post is deleted!

I don't think anyone else can stomach sounding like a lunatic like you. I do a pretty good impersonation, enough that I had a couple here questioning me, but otherwise your brand of delusional psychopathy is unique enough that no one would make that mistake.

We wouldn't need to worry about Rain's personal agendas in a user-controlled space. Even if they were able to disguise their mannerisms (I'm sure everyone has their beliefs about that possibility), they're the only one who wants to eliminate F2P and magically prevent YouTubers from covering the game, so either they mention this and we know who it is regardless of conduct, or they don't and that problem solves itself.

Closing this forum is far from the first act of blatant mismanagement Sega have made with this game, with Phantasy Star or with games at all. And it'll be far from the last.

We're left with an official Twitter channel that is doing a much better job than this forum ever did of discouraging new users from trying NGS, an official Discord that's terrible for depth conversation and resource-sharing (starring a crazy restrictive link whitelist and false-positive message deletion and tempbans for parts of innocent words), a Steam forum they'd probably delete if Steam didn't require it, an unofficial Reddit not worth mentioning, and a few other disparate third-party spaces. Dark times.

Hopefully whatever this website rebuild is going to be will provide a replacement feedback channel. It's becoming very obvious that Twitter is ignored but for a select few #NGSHeadline questions and the katana main screaming, and also that the official Discord isn't getting a suggestions channel anytime soon. I'm not sure I can remember the last time any feedback sent through the (probably still working) Zendesk support system including failed campaign distributions led to any action either.

Oh well. Forum was good up until NGS released at least. Gotta be thankful we had it when we did.

It's been real, Arks!

Love you all and Remember my name! I want to be famous!

@Rain-Gnyu Nobody likes you. Go away. Stay away.