Welcome, thanks for checking the post out. My name is G.B.K busytrizzy (GT: KING Busytrizzy). I go by "Busy" preferably, but some friends call me "King". P.T.M (Play Too Much) is the name of our alliance. We are still growing and accept all who can uphold these 3 core things. 1.) Respect and help other members to the best of your ability. 2.) Communication via text or voice comms. (whichever you prefer) 3.) And last but MOST IMPORTANTLY! HAVE FUN ABOVE ALL ELSE. We want everyone comfortable and welcome. Once we obtain more members we plan to host live raffles for in game prizes and weapons just to add a little spice to the game. We also will help level and farm for that weapon or armor set you've been wanting! If you aren't on Ship 1 don't worry, upon official release of the game you will have the opportunity to change your character to another ship where a new family will be waiting! See you there!

Message to join, GT: KING busytrizzy, GT: RiddickTheGod

Founders: G.B.K busytrizzy, Riddick