Got 3 Day Ban and Not a Reason Wby?

Re: [Anyone know what the 818 ban

I just got banned for 3 days as well and I have no idea why...I dispise negativity during game play. Even on the websites where damn near everyone has something negative to say about the Sega team I leave words of encouragement. Is it because of my characters name? DoomTits? If so that's a little pot calling the kettle black, don't you think? Its just funny and for a game with most characters running around half naked pole dancing with melons twice the size of my head I wouldn't see that as a problem...

They didn't want you destroying the CASTs future with Skynet so they obviously banned you for said reasons..

....Rough though, 3 days is a bit much but at least its temporary, if they don't let you auto-select a new name when you come back it is probably not the name as to the reason if that happens to be the case.

It's worse than being banned permanently... They took my Doomtits 270hr character and named her Xerroth!! Who names a girl Xerroth?! The time and effort I poured into making this character, they should at least let me pick a G rated name for this Mature17+ game. This is an insult!! No wonder everyone is talking smack.. GG

Wow that's pretty intense.. They needed your boots, your clothes, your motorcycle and your name.

I guess they weren't joking around when people mentioned that they're really trying to clean up the game. You might be able to email them and possibly request an alternate name at the forced change though it's not something I have any personal experience with.

I'll give it a shot but being as they never answered my other 5 tickets... But how in the world are you going to have characters with boobies 2x as big as your head, strutting around half naked, and dancing on a stripper pole for God's sake and shake their finger at you for saying tits? Unbelievable...