Text error in "The Raging Obsidian Arm"

During gameplay, after activating the teleporter, Brigitta says:

"...We antisicpate the coming battle will present a hereto for unthinkable level of adversity. ...gods be operative."

This should be changed to:

"We anticipate the coming battle will present a heretofore unthinkable level of adversity. Godspeed operative."

"antisicpate" should be changed to "anticipate". "hereto for" should be changed to "heretofore" and "gods be" should be changed to "Godspeed".

Bumping this, as it's the most egregious text error I've seen and it still hasn't been fixed yet.

As the topic says, this occurs in "The Raging Obsidian Arm" UQ. It also happens in the corresponding story mission. Here's a screenshot:alt text