I was nearly done creating my character, was on voice.

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Does Afin's English VA have an Aussie accent? That's cool as hell honestly.

He's the Outback Aibou.


Almost finished the tutorial XD Can't wait for the servers to be back up! I've been playing PSO since Dreamcast. Been waiting years for PSO2 to come to the US!

Your lucky getting 40 minutes of play in

@Kuriakon Be thankful that you at least got 40 minutes of play time. I couldn't make it past character creation 4 times I tried making my character but kept getting disconnected.

They posted "News" on the page saying the whisper system may not work, lol

@Kuriakon 40 minutes isn't bad. I didn't even get to finish the tutorial.

Mate is you mate! That's how far I got heh

That's better than nothing I guess. Though I wish they could give an estimate

@Will-Bot1385 Yeah hopefully coming back up soon

From a technical perspective, it's impossible to give an "ETA" when you don't know what the root cause is. This happens so many times andi it's irritating to be asked "what the eta" is gonna be when they are investigating. Just FYI...

The servers are back up.

Servers are back online