I was nearly done creating my character, was on voice.

@stef2130 said in ETA for maintenance usually?:


50 days

Less than Mabinogi support tickets with Nexon USA, which have a 6 month wait period.

So even the getting started server is down? We’re any of them ever up? I haven’t even gotten in at all

A lot of people have reported that Ship 01 was the only one accessible the moment people were allowed on.

@DIZZY-D4VE almost got past the full tutorial.

Servers are usually finicky at times especially when they first open. Since this is a closed beta, it's probably to be expected. I don't blame the overload as the servers weren't expecting a lot of people hopping on at once.

Hopefully when the official release comes out, we wont have this problem.

@C0-Shocker lol. Remember NA servers for pso 1? I keep thinking "shame on me" for even thinking I'd play tonight, much less at official launch

@MoreBassnectar sucks cuz right now was there first timed urgent quest they had planned

Those quests repeat tomorrow morning

@CNH-Marksmen oh ok, thanks for the heads up. Hopefully it will be working for their schedule then

Never made it anywhere..

Don't have anything else to add..

So have a humorous picture about how I'll most likely be fighting. alt text

@DIZZY-D4VE exactly why I'm more sad about not knowing what's going on or having a statement from the devs giving us an update, even if it's vague. Wondering if we'll 1) get the beta time extended 2) get the special events pushed back or 3) sit here waiting all night. It would be cool to know anything at all. I get having issues, I work in software and can empathize. But transparency is always beneficial

@MoreBassnectar I agree. I think I'm going to risk it and take an hour long nap.

Because for those of us on the east coast, the times were already kinda difficult overall

@CNH-Marksmen Are you sure? We havent heard anything from the DEVs yes... Hopefully it's a yes though.