I was nearly done creating my character, was on voice.

Come on, i was hoping to be questing and by now ... I wonder if they are going to make up the 800-830 events they had scheduled.

Come on into the warm toasty thread from the cold - lets have some smores and chat while waiting for the servers to stop being on fire.

How far did you get, I made a character and got the first cutscene before I got kicked.

I'm on the ship trying to start first misson with my group. Was able to collect all the side quests and free items before i got booted from server but couldn't get the first misson to load.

Managed to get to the frist cut scene, mate is you mate! Haha

I got into the tutorial and crashed not long afterwards, let's hope the issues are resolved soon.

I got to level 2 and beat the boss at the end of tutorial then crashed as I was heading back to player hub

Farthest I got was character customization after choosing class. Things look nice. Just hope server can hold up

Farthest I got was dropping from the tutorial ship, always crashed after that. I really wanted to play some tonight but looks like that won't happen lol

@M0Ose69 said in Emergency Maintenance Bunker Thread:

Managed to get to the frist cut scene, mate is you mate! Haha

I did not know that he had an accent and that they portrayed the character like that. Very interesting!

I got to practical training had just killed the last monkey thing, then they shut down the server. It was actually running smoothly.

I got as far as the tutorial where he said something about how green everything looked. Then crash. Made it to the character select screen a few times. But crash after crash.

They said on twitter they are doing emergency maintance and are aware of the issues. So that is good at least 🙂

Never made it onto a ship

Managed to do the tutorial before the wrath of 630kun. Oh well, at least my CAST was saved.

Hope the fix the server issue fast! Waited years to play pso2 lol

Was just about to finish tutorial before I got kicked. took 2 hour just to be connected long enough to get that far