Emotes not working

As the title says for some reason I can’t do emotes at all I have changed blocks reloged and I still can’t do them, I was able to do them when I first got on and I have not changed any settings at all, I did go ahead and submit a support ticket as well

i had this problem before, and next day they start working again.not really sure whats up with them

I also lost the ability to type anything in game aswell as the in game chat failed but after I completely reset my Xbox I was able to do the emotes again, but it looks like a Xbox rest fix it Idk why tho

@SaviorZero82 probably some kind of xbox to pso2 chat/type issue. not surprising considering how party chat on xbox can get funky periodically

From what I have seen of some issues and how they have been resolved (like that issue where people couldn't appraise items) I think the game just has general issues with the Power-Save mode that the XBox One defaults to with the "Turn Off Console" prompt; because of that I always make sure to close the game from the Guide before powering off my console.