Where do I go to report a potential scammer?

This user PN9001885876, who thrives on ship 3, continuously lists all these high end AC items on the market. I mean stacks and stacks of these things. They are either spending hundreds of dollars and still getting pretty fortunate with their odds, or they're able to reproduce these items without spending any real money.

The reason why I believe they may be scamming the system. Is because they have zero gamerscore. So they haven't even began playing the game because they would be unlocking achievements and gaining gamerpoints. Clearly, they are getting the meseta on that cheat acc then moving it to their main or most likely selling the meseta to people.

Just thought I'd point it out to anyone that has the ability to look into it further. Thanks. Sadly, at the end of the day. If they are cheating. Snuffing that account surely won't stop them,but it sure would be gratifying...

You can report them with the contact form. Go to this link and click the button that says "Contactt Us Now": https://pso2.com/support#contact-us

@Victim-Eyes-420 on top of reporting them directly to PSO2, report the account on XBOX Live.

When you go to their gamertag there should be an option for it, there was a lot of account like these back in the day for selling followers/leads for streamers.

Of course if they have 0 gamerscore, they're using a burner account, there has to be a better way to deal with them.

It's a fight that never does seem to end.

@DkP-Godslayer said in Where do I go to report a potential scammer?:

It's a fight that never does seem to end.

On every online game in afraid. You'll always have someone who can dupe items. Even with games that try to stop it 24/7 (FF14/WoW).

Oh, that's badgeman. He used to sell stacks of 999 recycle badges across all ships until badges were made non-ac items because of him. There's no way he's legit.

I'm just going to say it's great that they've done literally nothing about this guy.

@GM-Deynger Yes and I'd like the ability to delete my own posts in general.