Braver Bow Build

Hello Braver Community,

Looking for tips on using Bow. It seems that there are only 2 viable skills at this point. Perhaps I am wrong but it is just my thoughts.

Million Storm: For mobs and clearing normal strong enemies. Final Nemesis: for Bosses and mid level Bosses.

Million Storm takes the place of almost any AOE damage you can do with the bow and can hit many enemies in a row like Piercing Arrow. I generally average between 5,000 - 10,000 per hit (depends on the enemy resist and weaknesses). It also free tracks enemies making it so there is no need to lock on or manually aim at enemies.

Final Nemesis can over-penetrate targets if you are locked on to one in the back of the crowd. In the end it has the strongest burst damage I can find. For bosses weak against my element I average about 150,000 damage. When they aren't weak again my element I deal about 120,000 - 130,000.

I have tried all the other skills and they don't come close. to either of the damage output of these two skills. I've watched videos of some skills doing 750,000 damage without using these two abilities but obviously that was JP and from what I have read, those skills were absolutely nerfed into the ground and unusable even today on JP side.

Any thought or advice?

How do you get those skills? I am a newbie. And awful.

Yeah, Final Nemesis is very strong, especially if you hit multiple parts. Keep in mind it has a 3 second charge that locks you in place, so be aware of your surroundings when trying to use it.

@JuniperReed - The discs drop off rare or late game bosses. Alternatively, you can buy them off the personal stores if you have premium and enough meseta.

Prior to your Final Nemesis, try hitting the boss with a Banishing Arrow as the BA will explode a couple of seconds after it is on the boss. The amount of damage the BA does is dependent on how much damage you deal onto the boss from the time it's on the boss to the time it explodes.

Yeah, it seems like the bow is a dead weapon unless you are fighting a boss. The damage output can be out done by any other weapon it seems. It's really frustrating because it can be really fun to play.

Kamikaze Arrow combo is good if BR/HU but I run that combo and run master shot gravity arrow to mix up it on mobbing.

@Trevathewise i main bow braver here and on jp and as soon we get the charge arrow skill that will be a good combo finisher with final nemesis as an opener and i just spam piercing arrow and Do you u can use piercing and mobility attack u can either go left or right forward or backwards after u fire one? I use it as an escape/attacking at the same time

alt text alt text

This is my current set up as Br/Ph in JPN

As I mainly use Katana, bow as my secondary weapon, there is two slots. First is for bossing and the second is for mobbing.

You can ignore the fourth and fifth slot if you wish but I put that as my PP Battery and RDR Weapon

Is there is a faster and easy way to change weapons? I have a keyboard for my Xbox would that happen. Cause I find it hard to change weapons fast in the game. Or is map out my controller different..

@RobedActor77417 With a keyboard, you can switch between different Weapon-palettes using 1-6 on the NumPad, while 7-9 will change between the Sub-palettes in your active Book (I believe you can also change it to be the top row of Numbers or the F-Keys through the in-game Keyboard Settings if you prefer/have a compact keyboard without a Numpad). Unfortunately, on XBox there are no options to map this functionality to your controller.

@Trevathewise Hello, the bow is a deadly weapon. I personally use it only, I don't even use Katana I came up with my own build and have gotten first place in every Emergency or group I've been in. Shichika Yasuri Asnur ship. B-021. I'm level 89 now. I don't do target aim I do over the shoulder but I'm so stronger than using an auto aim mechanic... my I can do 34k+ damage with rapid-fire per hit that's average. I have hit over 1mil damage with nemesis. Don't believe me add me. I will carry you and show you what a bow can do. unless you max level but I have even beaten level 90s in damage. If you want to check out my Twitter it's GhostCrowGamer including my yt channel. I'm not active on it as much anymore really at all I enjoy my peace alone. if you want to make a one time use email account I could send you screenshots of my proof with a bow. It takes skill and timing but I can mow down a crazy amount of groups in seconds and bosses and come first place in Alerts. I'm not here to brag just to help you know the bow is very fun but it takes time to learn.