ARKS Podders

ARKS Podders is an alliance that formed in February during beta in 2020. We changed our name from GUARDIAN ARKS to ARKS Podders today. We are Alliance Level 5 and have 1 officer currently. While this alliance is affiliated with ARKS Pod, we are putting this here as well.

No special privilege will be granted to ARKS Podders within ARKS Pod website. This will reside just like every other alliance within the project.

Alliance base website:

alt text

If you would like to join, please stay tuned!

More information about our website can be found below:

I know many of you are looking forward to a proper replacement project before the shutdown on the 24th. We are in a pretty good spot at this point, so now here's the part where you can show your support if you would like to help! This project will act as a replacement forum as players have stated they want, which is also the subject of this particular topic. Please remember that if you are not interested in such projects, you can ignore our messages.

If you are viewing this from an archived page, please visit my profile.

ARKS Pod will hopefully be your go-to discussion in the future. You can visit this as it is in my signature, please see the banner below. If you cannot see it, please make sure you enable signatures for yourself in your forum settings. Let us go over some information before we jump into things:

When will ARKS Pod Launch?

Arks Pod will launch in 4 days from now and will be accessible by everyone. You may visit the website, but there is currently a countdown. This particular project is for PSO2 Global, but please don't be discouraged if you are interested in JP. We may be looking into this later.

Is ARKS Pod safe?

Yes, we don't even have advertisements on our website. Nothing is tracking you and we use the latest security with HTTPS. Please make sure you use different passwords for every website you use, this is a very important security tip for everyone!

What does ARKS Pod mean?

We arrived in a pod. We are ARKS. We also have data pods that relay information. Let's not spoil anything...

Can I get in trouble for joining?

You are a player of PSO2 and joining a project that shares that same characteristic will not hurt you or anyone else. We look forward to everything SEGA has planned, but some of the community here has made it evident that they would like a replacement.

Will there be rules in place?

There are many tools at our disposal to mitigate bad behavior. There are rules, but they are simple and just like every other forum on the net.

What kind of forums will be available to chat in?

We have learned from this forum what is used, and unused, so we didn't waste anytime or space on what's available. You can discuss the Story, Classes, provide Guides & Help, list your alliance in Alliance Recruitment by ship, Ship Personal Shop, Ship Discussion, and we have even included most of the important websites that most of us access every day for PSO2. We are also looking into the possibility of allowing everyone to post their own news content that is happening in the community on this project. This is a community effort, after all!

Will you need Mods?

Eventually. If you are interested in this type of role please stay tuned.

Can I move topics from one website to another?

Yes, feel free to do this, but over an appropriate timespan.

How do I support this project?

The best way to spread the word is by using your Forum Signature found under the person icon, selecting Edit Profile then scrolling to Signature. forum icon.PNG

Please see this topic to learn how to change your signature! Link: Please remember that if you are not interested in unofficial projects, you can ignore this effort completely.

If you are viewing this from an archived page, please visit my profile.

Fairly obvious questions include which ship this is on and what the tree levels are. 😅

@Miraglyth said in ARKS Podders:

Fairly obvious questions include which ship this is on and what the tree levels are. 😅

Thanks for pointing this out. Right now we are currently on Ship 1 but may be looking to expand to other ships as well... what a project that could be. The commands for NGS are so limited and definitely need revamped before thinking about anything else.