Dropping from server


On Xbox One I keep running into an issue where I randomly drop from the Servers. My connection is good, voice chat is not lagging. I test my connection and get the following:

Download Speed: 376.70 Upload Speed: 11.51 Packet Loss: 0% MTU: 1480 Latency: 45

I am hardwired to my modem with about 2 feet of ethernet cable so distance or wireless isn't an issue. I have also set my Xbox outside the firewall in the DMZ. I don't have any issues with any other games or apps. Is there something that I can do about this? I got dropped out of a Urgent Quest without warning as well as Advanced Quests and I can't rejoin them.

Any help is appreciated.

It is just a problem with the internet overall globally right now. The majority of times, your speeds and such will remain constant or close to the same value, but will randomly get disconnected for a few seconds every so often. This will also cause disconnections from online games. You can blame Corona Virus for that.

@Ragnawind ,

Kind of makes sense but I'm not getting disconnected from the internet. That's just it. Party chat and everything works great. No skip in my service. Nothing changes and the only game with this issue is PSO2.

This is not a coronavirus issue. This is a server issue. I play a lot of online games, and this is the only one that I randomly disconnect from. I know I'm not the only one. More people need to start complaining about this.

The disconnection issues likely are from some sort of microsoft integration problem, as the japanese client of the game doesnt randomly disconnect like this. For me, I always D/C right at the end of a boss fight, when the red crystal thingy shows. I always lose the drops.