Flagging accessories to only display in certain situations.

Can you add a setting in the accessory advanced section to set the accessory to only display in certain situations? Like only when gliding, sprinting, jumping, or while a weapon is drawn.

Another thing about the Dive Attack autochat trigger, it doesn't go off as reliably as the others, I only have one thing for that setting but it seems to activate when it feels like.

Most of my autochats are just text with out the /toge or /moya since it gets annoying fast, and only a couple use cut-ins that trigger once or twice and that is it (I have had to blocklist quite few people who have autochat cut-ins going off constantly), please keep that in mind when setting up your autochats and consider other players in the area or party.

Thank you for the heads up.

It seems you can use things as is to set up battle dmg outfits that switch back to the "default" version when you're healed. Or set it to switch to certain outfits when you glide or dash but unless I missed it there is no auto-chat for "idle" or "stop moving" or "draw weapon". I suppose you could set your default outfit on dash attack and/or normal attack to cover most situations. How well does the game handle something like a change outfit command on something you spam as much as normal attack?

EDIT 2:30pm EST 11/13/2021

After testing I found that none of the attack (normal, dash, glide), photon glide, or photon dash auto-chat settings seem to work with the /mf# chat commands in a reliable way. The command triggered once in 10 minutes of active combat. Also the /mf# commands reload the entire outfit no matter how much is changing, which I believe is an unnecessary waste of resources in this instance. These two things mean that while I appreciate the current work around I still want the toggle I discussed in the opening. I think it would be more reliable for us and less resource intensive for NGS.