Rising Weapon Badges?

Where do you acquire these? Need to farm up 120 of em for the brissa pieces. have not found a single thing that drops them? (Over farming the Saiki set)

I've somehow picked up one of them in my travels without knowing what I did. I'm level 55 right now so maybe you haven't gotten to it yet if you're lower. Looks like you can get a lot of them from the mission pass. I'm not exactly sure how that works, but I think you may be able to get the purple mission pass basic level stuff for free, but you need to pay for the Gold Tier stuff.

(I haven't tried taking any purple rewards yet for fear of not being able to take Gold Tier items if I decide to buy a pass later.) The complexity of this game can be a bit intimidating.

I got rising weapons badges from my tiers. From the mission pass. Under the main menu select your missions, then select your mission pass. Other than that I think I’ve gotten them from fighting bosses on hard mode.

Last night playing the two part Urgent Quest with Dark Falz on Super Hard, I got a couple of them too.

Just posted an article on it. Rising Weapons Badges

There is a few ways to get them. Here a video going over everything to do with weapons badge. Hope this help. https://youtu.be/s0KSmAuwodQ