Accidentally sold my Zamlord outfit

I was in a rush and sold items, when i came back and tried to change to it to match a friend i was notified it wasnt in my inventory and it wasnt in the buy back option as i had changed blocks. Is there no absolute way i can get it back? Probably not but if there is i'd appreciste it, this has me really upset.

Provably not. But there is an option to lock items so you can't sell them by accident.

I lock everything that is rare. I am sure though i have sold some uncommon things I should not have.

Next advice I can give is make sure you do inventory on each tab and never from the "all items" tab, just in case you forget to lock cosmetic items again.

@landman Thanks, it was really stupid of me even if i was in a rush, gonna have to triple check that my outfits are locked from now on.

if you havent hit the over run section of the mission pass at rank 31 you have the ability to obtain another one

@Terensu Im at tier 26