Syncesta Illusion Astracite?

I couldn't seem to find anyone talking about it with the search function, and I haven't found any yet in the beta, I'm just curious if any vets know how one will go about getting this so that when it shows up I can farm the eff out of it lol. I want that twin orochi so I can do casual/low level stuff with my bouncer and enjoy the soaring blade style even though I'm purpose built for jet boots.

In JP server, that astracite drops in the UQ for the 2nd Dark Falz. Probably, we have to wait for that quest.

Seems legit. Think there's any odds we'll get that UQ in the second half of this month? The schedule is only for the first half so far and if they just keep the same Dark Falz quest up everyone and their mother will just have psycho rods for no reason other than they've got nothing else to spend the astracite on lol

That's possible, but personally, I feel the abandoned mine defense UQ comes before that 😢

I'm unfamiliar with the rotation of UQs, but frankly I'm down for whatever as long as it's new stuff. New to me anyway. Makes me wonder how long they're planning to keep it just a beta though. I imagine everything they've put into the shops is intended to be obtainable at some point in the beta, which would imply this astracite is planned to be obtainable as well. If they don't run a UQ that can grant it for us in the latter half of this month, then I think it would be safe to assume that means another solid 3-4 weeks of beta. While I don't mind and I'm having fun, I'm strangely invested in the story that I know gets dumb real fast and I'm all out of story.

Since the second form of Dark Falz drops the "Iritista Rainbow Astracite" does anyone know where the "Syncesta Illusion Astracite" drops from? It seems kind of odd that there is only a few items right now that are for sale yet we don't have any currency for when every other item has it's currency. So it should be dropping somewhere right? I haven't found an Urgent Quest that drops it and I haven't explored all the end game stuff yet. I also saw something about "Umbracite"?