If NGS was released in 2006

It might look a lot like this.. Behold!

..I present to you NGS 2006

This technical juggernaut of a monstrosity that is my ultra-potato computer brings back only the best nostalgia from a simpler time in the history of graphics processing.

..I wanted to see how stable things would run for me while recording after slightly overclocking my system and the result was better than I expected considering I can actually play the game now while not recording. Prior I would of had roughly the same frame rate as shown in the video. NGS runs much better now (obviously) when I'm not eating up the processor from getting footage so I can finally give story mode a go.

Guess I should say.. This isn't me taking a stab at the game, more so just me having fun with a annoying situation. If you watch the whole thing you'll see I actually get things running fairly smooth once I've gone into the first mission zone. ...You can also fast forward to 4:30 for the lol's if you don't wanna watch for 11 minutes.

..On a side note

Okay I guess I won't question magical meat going into my inventory while running around despite being pescatarian 😹

Not a big deal whatsoever, just thought it was funny.

Just record with OBS NVENC and limit the framerate. Dont know why you would need to record this game though, maybe to show someone that he doesnt miss out anything by not playing?


Haha! ...not quite.

It was just a test run video, and probably the worst graphics I've seen when comparing videos and screenshots of other players to my current set-up. If you squint your eyes you'll begin to see Runescape html code.... Well.. not that bad I suppose. I just thought it ended up feeling like a 'time warp' as a result of my ancient graphics card. (3 years)

Definitely time to invest on my end.

I figure you're not so keen on the newest version of the game then?

@Redex I have had some success on my end using OBS Studio (though I don't have an Nvidia card so I cannot use the codec that was suggested). I also have had some success with AMD's Screen-recording function but it's quite often a gamble whether or not it detects New Genesis (likely something regarding GameGuard?).

I was about to say just from my impression reading the title, New Genesis would have been mindblowing if it was a 2006 game that was going to be updated especially if Phantasy Star Online 2 was packaged with it. Considering the hardware you seem to have, I am definitely curious on how new devices like the Steam Deck will handle the game or if Sega will be looking to trying to bring support to it as a replacement to the PlayStation Vita version they had killed off last year before the release of the final boss Emergency Quest of Chapter 6.

A lot of people aren't too keen on New Genesis because they've taken away some key features of Phantasy Star Online 2 and stopped support for it (in a nutshell) while in New Genesis the players who have already been playing are in limbo waiting for something new to come because instead of the usual 2-3 month update schedules we're waiting six months for it this time around which may or not be just as big as those updates the Japanese players were used to. A smaller population of Global players suffer from the whiplash of Global's high-speed fast-forwarding to something even slower the Japanese pacing, but in a nutshell New Genesis is a game that you can speedrun too quickly and burn yourself out on because of how there isn't a whole lot of meat to the game just yet - but there's promise and that promise has yet to be fulfilled.


Interesting, I'll have to have a go messing around on OBS by the sounds of it.

Yeah it's very possible that it might detect your capture as an external mod or something to that notion. No doubts about the other part though haha. 06 release I guess kind of puts it in the era of PSU also considering that PSU didn't have Mags it's interesting to think that PSO2 has gone the way of making them purely aesthetic. Removing the Mags altogether would have been a travisty though in terms of functionality they're on par with where PSU was at back then kinda.. so just on title premise alone, yeah for sure especially with all the PSO2/ngs customization elements.

Really wasn't even aware they had to cancel a version.. that sucks!

I'm not too informed on the Steam deck though I imagine it's a pretty hefty piece of equipment, I would THINK that piece of hardware would play the game just fine if it's running modern high end PC specs but I guess they could have thrown anything old into it and called it a day if they wanted to do that instead lul. Probably not exactly what they're going for with that system if I had to gamble on it.

I never really understood why there was not a PlayStation version of this game, It's half the console market sitting around who might not consider buying an Xbox or a computer just kinda sitting out from the game.. I guess it is also possible that Sony has a capital on their exclusive games and don't want PSO games to compete with their IPs. Purely speculation on my part.. A while back another forums user vaguely mentioned Microsoft might own some exclusivity rights as to the reason why but I don't have any confirmation on that info.

So.. regarding the last part you mentioned, It is fair to say the story mode is in chapters like PSO2 then right? Roughly how much story content do I have to look forward to before hitting the wait with the rest of the NGS players? I'm just starting it up and hoping to get more than a couple hours or days from it but by the way you're making it sound I might want to pace the content out a bit... haha.

@Redex In regards to the story, we only have "Chapter 1" which on my characters who were geared up took about twenty minutes (skipping all the cutscenes). For a newer player who isn't so geared up you can probably stretch this to an hour or even longer depending on what happens (you might get distracted with some grinds, working on other things, or something like that). But once you clear the story you get a "teaser" for Chapter 2 and the game stops abruptly with the player being pushed out to do the grinds you were already doing before. Hopefully next month the next Chapter is much better-paced and more engaging because you'll reach the end of Chapter 1 and realize there wasn't much world or game yet before it's already over.

I know there is only speculation on what is going on over on Sony's end, but it's baffling to me that on the Japanese side there seemed to be no issues having the game on multiple platforms (PC, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch). Granted, the Nintendo Switch version isn't an actual port but rather a cloud-streamed version of the game, I don't see why on the Global side this is split into instead the Xbox/Microsoft Store, Steam, and Epic Game Store versions of the game instead of adding to the other platforms the game was working on. At least that I recall, there were rumors that the censorship that Global had was meant to appeal to the PlayStation and Microsoft side of things and it was said at some point by Phil Spencer that Phantasy Star Online 2 "will" come to all platforms eventually.

The exciting part of the Steam Deck to me is that not only is Microsoft and Sony jumping onto it (Phil Spencer was seen using it and being excited for it, as was Shuhei Yoshida of PlayStation being very excited playing a PlayStation game on it). At its bare minimum, it is a $400 ultrabook laptop with very beefy specs that likely would appeal greatly to the Asian market where handheld consoles and mobile games dominate - and a portable PC of this power with something like Phantasy Star Online 2 which is already a cultural and media icon on the Japanese side would only be bolstered further. The only problem I can see is that the Steam Deck by default is going to be running a flavor of Linux and the developers behind GameGuard (INCA Internet) have not yet seem to have considered making their software work on Linux. If this was adapted for Linux, I can easily imagine a floodgate of players jumping into the game when this comes out especially for all the PlayStation Vita players who were ultimately left behind (they never got the updated control scheme from Episode 4 and were segregated to their own blocks which had modified content to be friendlier on the Vita's specs) on all sides of the world.


Ahhh..!!!! Okay thank you for clearing that up, I guess I'll just move through the story as slow as possible.

I totally forgot that there are multiple versions that are available outside of the Global.. Yeah that is a bit strange considering a lot of it was already implemented and running on the other devices you had mentioned. Given that is the situation it would make total sense if they get things running smooth for whichever operating systems are intended to run the game Linux included.

Devs should definitely adapt whatever needs to be adapted, I can't imagine they wouldn't.

Worst case scenario sounds like it ends up being that SEGA might have to cough up a few extra bucks to whomever owns GameGuard in order for them to work out any possible technical issues residing with the game because of potential OS compatibility issues.. Or real worst case scenario being that they just cancel plans altogether.

Preferably not the last part.

@Redex On the bright side, the Steam Deck can use Windows as an operating system so you can skip the Linux part if desired so that means you do have a "Windows" ultrabook in your hands which is part of that attractive $400 price tag I recall the Steam Deck having at the bare minimum.

It will be very exciting for me to see a very strong "successor" to the PlayStation Vita and something to rival the Nintendo Switch especially for something like Phantasy Star Online 2.


Definitely 😺

This video is pretty close to how thie game works for me actually... 😢


Sorry to hear that! ..If you're able to modulate your processor load with a graphics card UI you might be able to increase your processor speed a fair bit. /free up memory.

@Redex I thank you for your suggestions but I have no idea how these things work, right now I can't risk messing up with this computer, so it will be like that at least until one day we can afford a better computer

@Armada-San If you're ever interested in looking for an upgrade (such as what parts to look for and at recommended prices so you aren't overspending or being ripped off), I would absolutely love to help with that. Part of my excitement for the Steam Deck is that it is meant to be a new baseline for a great deal of PC gaming (a new minimum threshold, at least) that at the price of $400 at its base will absolutely make a dent for those who don't have decent computers if this means docking it to a larger monitor (and having a keyboard and mouse added) can turn it into a mini-desktop.


Ahhh, I see.

Well that's pretty understandable especially if you're relying on it considering If you overclock a system incorrectly you can probably set it on fire incidentally depending on how much was modded.

1 step below that would be to open your Task Manager and make sure you end ALL unnecessary processes minus the game and essential base functions. You might get a small performance boost from doing that.