Best midtier units?

Hi as the title states - I'm level 52. Wondering what the best midtier units are currently? I hate how the harder set looks.

i wore the vard set? think thats the name...the units from the big tank urgent quest. i wore these for a long time until i farmed 120 medals for the full brissa set.

Hiei which drops off Magatsu. Craft some good mods onto them, since it's a non 9-12 star set it costs very little to affix.

If your looking for price vs ease of acquisition I highly recommend diavo legs with glan back and arms you can pick up each piece for a couple hundred k, until then you can get by perfectly fine with 3 sub weapon barriers+10 if you need more sub wep barriers just roll a new character skip tutorial talk to kofy and blammo instant barrier throw into bank and make a new char this should hold you over till 11 star units.

Gwan set, setbonus 90 r-power