Arks Cadets

Hello Community,

Arks Cadets is a new Alliance, that is level 4. We hare an Alliance Quarters and with that the buffs that go along with it. We know life comes first, and respect that you will do what you need to regardless how it impacts gaming. Things here are really relaxed and straight forward, get on, have fun, socialize and game in a stress free and drama free environment.

Here are a few guidelines

  • Must be 18+

  • No Drama (this is Xbox not a daycare, have fun)

  • Though not mandatory please try to do the Alliance Quests as it helps us grow.

As for what we can offer you:

  • Help leveling

  • Help running content

  • Inclusion in end game content

  • Advice on builds

  • Knowledge about how processes in the game works

  • Alliance Member discounts on items

  • Easier trading (for those with premium)

  • Alliance buffs

If you would like to join feel free to message me here or on Xbox and I would be happy to talk with you.

See you in Missions and may your Rare Drops be useful!

Hello Community,

We are still looking for cadets.