Please Help!

So I used the Gamepass Ultime Perk. I used it on my XBOX that I have Ultimate on. I didn't know how to redeem the perks though so I had my mom's help. Sadly she put in her Email in for the account though so I wasn't able to get the Gamepass Ultimate Perks since she used her email which isn't linked to my dad's email. Please help I really want the perks! The one that's linked to the PSO2 account and is the owner of SheuOgama. Please help I really need these perks as I am an Ultimate Gamepass Member. Please fix so I can get the rewards. I can't redeem the perks again since I already redeemed them, so please I beg for you to let me at least have my perks or do something. I beg, please.

At the top of the page, hover over "Support," click "Contact Us," then hit the "Contact Us Now" button; you will be sent to a page that asks you to sign in with your XBox log-in, then you will be taken to the support page. Click "Submit a Request" in the top right, and in clear detail, you can submit a support ticket for this.

Okay thank you. I hope everything gets better. 😞