PSO2 NGS Mining Rig Defense (MRD) should have mineral drops.

Despite what everyones opinions on this UQ are its part if the game now, and as thats the case ways to improve should be discussed more as to why its annoying. I for one think it should have mineral drops as it is a mining rig after all. Its always baffled me as to why it doesnt. Having it drop minerals would give some people more insentive to do it just balance the amount with how far you make it. If thats still not enough "grind" for sega then just put MRD in other regions and give mineral drops according to whats found in that region if they did that they could also change up the enemies as well as the difficulty as well. Tell me your thoughts on this as i havent really bounced the idea off anyone.

Adding materials to the list but base the amount you get on the final rank, so the higher you get the bigger the material pile, or base it on making it through all the waves at least (Too many times I get stuck with random players who barely clear wave 6 only to fail the run on wave 7).

It would make sense to get ores from mining rigs.