Is Too late to upgrade 4* units when 5* is so close?

Hey guys so I found a fixa 5 natura vialto arga yesterday and I'm thinking about if I should even sup it up when 5 star is right around the corner what do u guys think?

May be a bit before you get that 5 star drop. Don't know if I would bother with augments, but a higher + couldn't hurt

Might help to reach BP requirements.

It's not a bad idea you don't have to invest too much into augments you can easily get away with for example Nex Soul I Tech III Giga tech I and secreta I or II depending on your budget enhancing to +40 shouldn't cost too much with yellow triggers out now it's more affordable we don't have information on what augments and gear we're getting but we'll most likely get another event or two before December 15th to help gear up for the 35 content this is of course speculation.

Wow! That's a rare-drop Fixa on a rare drop unit. Congratulations for finding it.

It's hard to know for sure what the 5 star units are going to look like before we actually get the update. However it might not be too hard to take an educated guess. Among the current units, Tier 1 tops at 48, Tier 2 at 49, Tier 3 at 50, and the first series of tier 4s range from 51 to 55. The most recent Vialto Arga, Belta, and Sheza max out at 57, but were the latest released. The Geant units are a little weird, but tops at 56. If the pattern continues, I expect the non-ABS 5 star units to be in the range of 56 to 60 without special attack and defense percent bonuses. The next series of ABS units may reach 61 or 62.

With that in mind, I do not expect the first run of 5-star units to be objectively better than the Vialto ABS series. But it's a gamble whether that is really the case or not. I think the odds are good that the unit you found will last you a long time, but until the next expansion hits we won't know for sure.

If you current gear is fully upgraded and augmented than it won't hurt to just put it in storage for a while and see what the 5 stars have to offer when they come out. However I'm not sure I would be that patient with that kind of gem in my hand. Actually, I've manage to collect two Fixa Performa 5s on Theseus armor, and have been thinking it's may be worth the "downgrade" from my current Qual De ABS set (from the red boxes). The PP savings seems to be well worth be slightly more squishy.

It's up to you to decide for yourself, though.