Hello Community,

Maybe someone can explain the Urgent Quests to me. I looked at the Schedule and it doesn't seem to be inclusive of everything. I know during the week I played an Urgent Request or two on Wopel yet they don't appear on the schedule. More importantly I don't see ANYTHING for the Falspawn. Does anyone know when those Urgent Quests appear, why they appear or if there is a way the Community is triggering them?

On Monday I played one around 11am, Tuesday didn't have one that I know of. Wednesday there was one around 10am and Thursday or Friday there was one (possibly both days). They seemed to be at different times each time they appeared and I couldn't track down a pattern. So why is it there are Urgent Quests happening that aren't on the Schedule? How can we keep track of the Falspawn Urgent Quests?

Thanks for your insight, it is appreciated.

Between scheduled Urgent Quests there is a chance every hour for a random Urgent Quest to pop-up from the pool of currently available Urgent Quests.

Originally on the Japanese servers, there were only random Urgent Quests to give that feeling that they were random emergencies that were occurring, but this eventually changed becuase players felt that they were missing out on important Urgent Quests since they might only show up in a day while they were at work or school, so scheduled Urgent Quests were added in, particularly Raid Bosses, and eventually new, non-seasonal UQs became schedule-only with them eventually being put into the random pool after a certain amount of time.

@AndrlCh ,

Thank you for that information. It makes more sense now. Kinda frustrating with it being that way though. I'm checking every half hour just waiting in ARKS and seeing if I get a declaration. Makes sense though, it brings more interaction into the game which is good. I'm glad they implemented something I though the times were too far spread out for people on EST like me. If I wasn't working from home I would miss them all. Again thank you for the information!

@AndrlCh ,

I also wanted to let you know I like your Signature. I wanna am gonna steal it haha.

@Trevathewise The UQ announcements will pop up 15 minutes before the hour, so you don't have to be checking every half-hour.

As for the signature, if you need instructions on how to format it, you can check here: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/1100/guide-making-a-table-in-your-post-signature

@AndrlCh ,

Awesome, Thank you very much for that! I really appreciate it. As for the announcements, will I get them while doing the story missions?

@Trevathewise Yes, system-wide announcements should come through everywhere except the salon.

@AndrlCh ,

I didn't think it did because you were no longer in Multiplayer lobbies and I don't think I saw one when I was in story. If it should then I guess I don't have anything to worry about then. I'll have to test it out tomorrow when I get back on. Once again, thank you for the information and the signature. I really appreciate it.