Ran needs to be the next Xiera. Informing player during Urgents.

In PSO2 Urgents, Xiera was very informational with her voice overs. Allow you to know what you should be doing. Even sometimes it was little late or annoying. It was there to help you focus during a urgent when UI is overwhelm with text info.

Now, Ran in NGS now need to be informational by voice when newer players don't have the time to read or lacking situational awareness. Ran does inform the player by text. But, it is short and could be accidentally ignore when emerging to a area and getting allocated with surroundings.

I believe this would be good for Mining Rig Defense to explain what is going on in this Urgent. Also giving voice warning when a tower rig being damaged or attacked for those who need to be aware. Cause the are focus on something else and not looking at map.

We need another Xiera, that added to what was going on, and having a better in-game way to explain how to run the defense UQ is a must with how bad most players are with reading instructions.

Yeah, I also remember those random announcers that served no purpose. "Oh no! A horde of five enemies is attacking!" when I had already killed them while dodging vizbolts, gehl bulfs AND am now killing the second boss that spawned in succession a few steps further in. They were less than worthless, they were a hindrance and an annoyance.

Regardless, when people refuse to defend things in a defence mission, since they're freaking numbnuts, I don't think having someone screaming into their ears about it would help. There's already a warning when a rig gets to certain health levels, and since even that doesn't do squat, it's just an exercise in futility.


The only warning system I notice is when the Rigs flashs before Doll's Flower spawns on the map. Also the slightly on the map for damage level? But this isn't noticeable when eye are away from map. The Rigs might have damage visual clues when looking at them. But, they are not able to be seen far away.

At least a small audio warnings would be useful when away from the Rigs. Because you don't fight the mobs at the Rigs all the time. You prevent them from getting there.

Not like it matters since i won't be doing the defence UQ anyway. Well, except maybe for something that is doable quickly while solo, like kill 100 enemies in defence weekly mission.

Still, people have always ran at the biggest pile of enemies like headless chicken, just like they did in PSO2 defence UQs, so i don't believe any warning would help with that. It is what it is. Anything more than that would require a premade party with people who have a little more than 2 brain cells to rub together.

@Riesz Yes, so much information on a mini map can't be seen in how bad it is. Just having voice reminder allowing some players to break off their current focus and move to a place they are needed.