The cancer of the server.

I can't even begin to imagine how sad ship 1 looks, this is the state of ship 2. Some silly little man child thinks it's a great idea to be spamming pornographic art with symbol art, and to be honest with you I have a far better idea. Please implement a feature somehow that allows us to report symbol art abuse through the game this way a GM could easily check over these sad denegerates. [NSFW](Manchild

From the online manual:

"Report Function for Symbol Art

Navigate to the Main Menu > Symbol Art > History. You can select the symbol art you would like to report by clicking on the art and selecting “Block.” Once you do this, you will not see the symbol art anymore."

@AndrlCh really? Well isn't that quite a lazy way? How about they go punished instead? After all the chances are some kid downloads and plays this game only to see these things just imagine what will happen to his/her mind and on top of it probably not being allowed to play games again all because some sad pathetic man child's think they're funny. Saw some Hitler stuff earlier too and even someone trying to ask for some very illegal type of lolicon symbol art material. No wonder it took Sega 8 years to make a decision to bring this to the west. We don't deserve it clearly.

@Memoria That reports the Symbol Art itself in addition to blocking it on your end. You can also report the player themselves separately. In the Main Menu, go to "Nearby Players" and find the name of the player; there is a Report function in the context menu when you click their name, and you can also report them via XBox Live since you can also pull up their Gamercard in that context menu.

the game is rated +17 so i don't see the problem, also that SA is very well done for something made with a controller

@Amutens said in The cancer of the server.:

the game is rated +17 so i don't see the problem, also that SA is very well done for something made with a controller

Can't really stream a game like that one twitch then, and allow people to make money off of streams.

@coldreactive said in The cancer of the server.:

@Amutens said in The cancer of the server.:

the game is rated +17 so i don't see the problem, also that SA is very well done for something made with a controller

Can't really stream a game like that one twitch then, and allow people to make money off of streams.

then just disable the symbol arts before streaming

@Amutens It's rated 17+ because it has gambling and microtransactions. That's not an excuse for limp-dick incels to post their porn in-game, as NOWHERE in the ratings information does it say "nudity."

@zaffy2005 , actually there's been T rated games with gambling and microtransaction. Unlike Europe, the North American ESRB aren't pushing up game ratings purely for having microtransaction or loot boxes (which btw is what "In-Game Purchases" is referencing, "Simulated Gambling" refers to the ingame Casino).

The reason for the game's M rating is due to the game's actual content. Most notably its "Violence" and "Blood" rating: PSO2_M_Rating2.jpg

This is also the reason the game's rating in Japan was pushed up. Given the NA version runs the same client as JP, this was most likely what the ESRB was shown.

Anyways as for the Symbol Art... yea that is something that should be moderated but which unfortunately we don't see much active moderation happening even in Japan.

Seriously ... if even HALF of the ACTUAL IN-GAME COSTUMES (im causally playing JP for now) come here stateside they will totally blow your mind, some of them are literally pasties and a bandaid/thong if you get my drift. I wonder how many people are going to get triggered and start raging for the game to be censored then.


However then again I also play other games that are rated M ... and they had/have full nudity in them, so this stuff doesn't phase me in the slightest: God of War, Conan Exiles, the Witcher to name a few ... nor will Cyberpunk when it comes out ... just saying. Phantasy is fantasy .. don't know why people get so worked up over polygons.

@Scribblemonk The issue here is these people are bypassing the rating system, essentially. The game may be rated M for violence, for in-game purchases and gambling, and for "suggestive themes" (i.e. the "pasties and band-aids" as you put it, jiggle physics, skimpy outfits, etc.) however it is NOT rated for outright nudity. Unless SEGA is very careful with their EULA/TOS/what have you in the wording of their legal "paperwork," they can get sued for not including a warning/rating for such content even though they aren't the ones who put it in the game.

@zaffy2005 Fair enough, but unless you have American Moderators with said desire to censor every little piece of artwork that comes up, I'm just warning you Japan really doesn't care about that stuff. They will go after MyShop owners with porn pictures, but symbol chat is really too much of a headache to censor half the time. I'm also kind of impressed someone figured out how to even do that on a XBOX. To me, that is more of a PC thing. So keep your fingers crossed if you are hoping for naughty pictures to be policed and iornfisted scrubbing of eyeball pollution. Until then, turn of your symbol chat for half an hour then turn it back on, it works wonders. Just wait until the political memes start happening lol, that is ALWAYS a powder keg, even on Japanese servers. LOL

@Scribblemonk Personally I just don't see the point in it other than some pathetically juvenile attempt at "shock value." Like "hurr duur look at me I'm such an edgy edgelord I have pixelated boobies as my shop logo." It's not creative, it's not original, it sure as hell isn't "edgy" or "rebellious." I'm a grown man, there's nothing they're putting in these little icons I haven't seen in person so it's not about "protecting mine virgin eyes." It's just unnecessary, immature, and I'm fairly sure Xbox at least has strict rules in their TOS/CoC forbidding user-created "adult content." You can't even cuss in private messages without risking a communication ban so I'm pretty sure players could get shut down for posting porn. Pretty sure SEGA and the PSO2-specific rules/guidelines sets similar restrictions.

But, again, the biggest thing is why? Why even put it in there? Why do they feel the need to post pornographic images. People need to grow the hell up. Just play the game. They want to have a shop logo, try being creative and original. I know that's difficult for a lot of people these days but you only get better with practice.

@zaffy2005 My friend if you try to make sense of the senseless you are going to stress yourself out, especially on this game. If you try to figure out how to get people to be nice and shut up, you gain are going to stress yourself out. Some people get off on you having a bad day, the fact that this has stuck with you for several days can attest to that. Some people are "lolrandumb," or others are, as some like to describe them "incels." Or maybe, just maybe, they thought it was just a joke. Whatever the case may be, there are an entire myriad of reasons why they did what they did. Or maybe no reason other than to watch the world burn. Is it really worth all the ulcers, grey hairs and sleepless nights to figure it out? Don't let them win, don't let them steal your joy, don't let it linger in your headspace. That is unless you have fun being a form of online law enforcement, and that is how you like to entertain your days ... in that case, carry on and godspeed, I hope you catch your mark.

@Scribblemonk Just double-checked (thought it was in there) the ToS that pops up literally every time you start the game no matter how many times you've scrolled through and clicked "accept" and yes, it's in there. Posting vulgar, profane, and/or pornographic content of any kind is a violation of PSO2's rules. So, yea. aside from being pointlessly immature, it's also grounds for being banned from the game.

I don't "Stress over it," but I don't just ignore it, either. People need to follow the rules. It's not fair that other players should have to explain to others in their household why there's porn in the game (when there shouldn't be) and it's not fair to streamers and other content creators who have to curate or outright throw away video content or risk getting banned themselves because some selfish jackass can't follow simple rules.

I look at it the same way I look at hackers, spawn campers, and other such filth in the gaming community. They're self-centered pricks who think THEIR enjoyment is all that matters at the cost of everyone else. They have no place here.